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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
PLB-901PLB-90145-90 Degree Loco Service Bench for N, H0, 00 and O ScalesMiscArrived
PLB-902PLB-902Multi Angle Rotating Loco Cradle for n, H0, 00, N ScalesMiscAwaiting
PRLR-01PRLR-01Powered Railer - HO/OO Scale 48cmHOAwaiting
PRLR-02 Powered Railer - N Scale 23cmPRLR-02Powered Railer - N Scale 23cmNAwaiting
PRLR-04PRLR-04Powered Railer O ScaleOArrived
PRLR-05 Powered Railer Z ScalePRLR-05Powered Railer Z ScaleZAwaiting
PRR-FELTS Spare Cleaning FeltsPRR-FELTSSpare Cleaning Felts for Rollng Roads and Roller SetsMiscArrived
PRR-G-04PRR-G-044X Rollers for G ScaleGArrived
PRR-G-06PRR-G-066 X Rollers for G ScaleGArrived
PRR-HO-01PRR-HO-01Rolling Road Stand (500mm) HO/OO w/Drive Wheel cleanersOOAwaiting
PRR-HO-04PRR-HO-044 X HO/OO Rollers & Drive Wheel CleanersOOArrived
PRR-HO-06PRR-HO-066 X HO/OO Rollers & Drive Wheel CleanersOOAwaiting
PRR-O-01PRR-O-01Rolling Road Stand (90cm) w/Wheel Cleaners O SCALEGArrived
PRR-O-04PRR-O-044 X Rollers & Drive Wheel Cleaners O SCALE/16MMGAwaiting
PRR-O-06PRR-O-066 X Rollers & Drive Wheel Cleaners O SCALE/16MM SCALEGAwaiting
PTC-001PTC-001Track Cleaner for Z, N, H0, 00 TracksMiscAwaiting
PTC-002PTC-002Spare Felts for Track Cleaner TC-001 (5 pcs)MiscAwaiting
PTC-003PTC-003Wet & Dry Track Cleaning Stick HO/OOMiscAwaiting
PTC-003SPTC-003SSpares For Wet & Dry Track Cleaning StickMiscAwaiting
PTC-004PTC-004Wet & Dry Track Cleaning Car HO/OOMiscArrived
PTC-004SPTC-004SSpares For Wet & Dry Track Cleaning CarMiscArrived
PTC-100-MPTC-100-MTimber & Rod Cutter for Model MakersMiscAwaiting
PTC-105PTC-105Timber & Rod Cutter for Model MakersMiscArrived
Timber & Rod Cutter for Model Makers EU PLUGPTC-105-EUPLUGTimber & Rod Cutter for Model Makers EU PLUGMiscAwaiting
PTC-200PTC-200Model Train Track & Metal Rod Cutter (New with CE)MiscAwaiting

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KEY: DS or SF suffix = DCC Sound Factory Fitted | DC suffix = DCC Decoder Factory Fitted | [W] suffix = Weathered finish | [PF] suffix = Passenger Figures Fitted | [L] suffix = Supplied with a Wagon Load

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