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"A passion for precision" ACADEMY has been at the forefront of plastic kit modelling for over forty years. This comprehensive range come in attractive illustrated packaging and covers aircraft, armour, maritime and other subject in a variety of scales.

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 Item No.ProductETAPriceEra
F-16I Israeli 'Sufa' (Storm)PKAY12105F-16I Israeli 'Sufa' (Storm)Arrived
Sopwith Camel F.1PKAY12109Sopwith Camel F.1Awaiting
2190 Nieuport 17PKAY121102190 Nieuport 17Arrived
UH-60L Black HawkPKAY12111UH-60L Black HawkArrived
US Army UH-1C Frog (Huey)PKAY12112US Army UH-1C Frog (Huey)Awaiting
AH-60L DAPPKAY12115AH-60L DAPArrived
USMC AH-1W NTS Update (Super Cobra Special)PKAY12116USMC AH-1W NTS Update (Super Cobra Special)Awaiting
RQ-7B Shadow UAVPKAY12117RQ-7B Shadow UAVAwaiting
MH-60S US Navy HSC-9 'Tridents'PKAY12120MH-60S US Navy HSC-9 'Tridents'Awaiting
USAF F-16C Air National GuardPKAY12124USAF F-16C Air National GuardAwaiting
USMC AH-1Z Shark MouthPKAY12127USMC AH-1Z Shark MouthAwaiting
AH-64A ANG 'South Carolina' (Hapdong)PKAY12129AH-64A ANG 'South Carolina' (Hapdong)Awaiting
US Army OH-58D Black DeathPKAY12131US Army OH-58D Black DeathAwaiting
F-15C Fighting Falcon 'Flying Razorbacks'PKAY12204F-15C Fighting Falcon 'Flying Razorbacks'Arrived
F-14 Tomcat 'Bomcat'PKAY12206F-14 Tomcat 'Bomcat'Arrived
P-38F 'Glacier Girl'PKAY12208P-38F 'Glacier Girl'Arrived
F-22 RaptorPKAY12212F-22 RaptorArrived
F-15K Slam Eagle R.O.K. AirforcePKAY12213F-15K Slam Eagle R.O.K. AirforceArrived
F-111C Australian Air ForcePKAY12220F-111C Australian Air ForceArrived
T-50 ROKAF Advanced TrainerPKAY12231T-50 ROKAF Advanced TrainerArrived
F-4B Phantom VF-111 SundownersPKAY12232F-4B Phantom VF-111 SundownersArrived
P-40C Tomahawk IIb "African Ace"PKAY12235P-40C Tomahawk IIb "African Ace"Awaiting
T-59 Hawk Mk 67 ROKAFPKAY12236T-59 Hawk Mk 67 ROKAFArrived
T-50B ROKAF "Black Eagles"PKAY12242T-50B ROKAF "Black Eagles"Arrived

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