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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
PzKpfw I Ausf APKTAK01008PzKpfw I Ausf A1:16Arrived
PzKpfw I Ausf BPKTAK01010PzKpfw I Ausf B1:16Arrived
Wiesel A1 TOWPKTAK01011Wiesel A1 TOW1:16Arrived
PzKpfw I Ausf B AbwurfvorrichtungPKTAK01012PzKpfw I Ausf B Abwurfvorrichtung1:16Arrived
Battleship Yamato AnchorsPKTAK01013Battleship Yamato Anchors
Wiesel Mk 20PKTAK01014Wiesel Mk 201:16
Object 279 Soviet Heavy Tank (3 in 1)PKTAK02001Object 279 Soviet Heavy Tank (3 in 1)1:35Arrived
Leopard C2 MEXAS Canadian MBTPKTAK02003Leopard C2 MEXAS Canadian MBT1:35Arrived
German Civilian Car with Gas RocketsPKTAK02005German Civilian Car with Gas Rockets1:35Arrived
KV-5 Soviet Super Heavy TankPKTAK02006KV-5 Soviet Super Heavy Tank1:35Arrived
WWI Heavy Battle Tank Mk IV HermaphroditePKTAK02010WWI Heavy Battle Tank Mk IV Hermaphrodite1:35Arrived
T3 Transporter Pick-up Truck/Crew cabPKTAK02014T3 Transporter Pick-up Truck/Crew cab1:35Arrived
Russian KrAZ-260 TruckPKTAK02016Russian KrAZ-260 Truck1:35Arrived
Bundeswehr SpPz 2 Luchs A1/A2 '2 in 1'PKTAK02017Bundeswehr SpPz 2 Luchs A1/A2 '2 in 1'1:35Arrived
M9 ACE U.S. Armoured Combat EarthmoverPKTAK02020M9 ACE U.S. Armoured Combat Earthmover1:35Arrived
German Feld-Umschlag-Gerät FUG 2.5T (4 in 1)PKTAK02021German Feld-Umschlag-Gerät FUG 2.5T (4 in 1)1:35Arrived
Ukraine KrAZ-6322 LatePKTAK02022Ukraine KrAZ-6322 Late1:35Arrived
Chieftain Mk 5/5PPKTAK02027Chieftain Mk 5/5P1:35Arrived
Chieftain Mk 10PKTAK02028Chieftain Mk 101:35Arrived
V-2 Meillerwagen + Hanomag SS100PKTAK02030V-2 Meillerwagen + Hanomag SS1001:35Arrived
AMX-13/90 French Light TankPKTAK02037AMX-13/90 French Light Tank1:35Arrived
AMX-13/75 French Light Tank with SS-11 ATGM 2 in 1PKTAK02038AMX-13/75 French Light Tank with SS-11 ATGM 2 in 11:35Arrived
Russian Medium Tank T-55 AMPKTAK02041Russian Medium Tank T-55 AM1:35Arrived
Russian Medium Tank T-55 AMVPKTAK02042Russian Medium Tank T-55 AMV1:35Arrived
Finnish S/Propelled A/Aircraft Gun ItPsv 90 Marksman SPAAGPKTAK02043Finnish S/Propelled A/Aircraft Gun ItPsv 90 Marksman SPAAG1:35Arrived

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