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TRUMPETER is one of the world's leading brands of plastic model kits, regularly winning awards at the prestigious Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany. Often pushing the boundaries, the range features many exciting choices of subject matter, with some in a bigger scale to include even more incredible detail.

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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
Mörser Karl-Gerät 040/041PKTM00101Mörser Karl-Gerät 040/0411:144Arrived
LCM(3) D-Day Landing CraftPKTM00102LCM(3) D-Day Landing Craft1:144Arrived
AAVP7A1 Assault Amphibious Personnel CarrierPKTM00103AAVP7A1 Assault Amphibious Personnel Carrier1:144Arrived
LVTP7 Amphibious CarrierPKTM00104LVTP7 Amphibious Carrier1:144Arrived
AAV7A1 Amphibious Assault VehiclePKTM00105AAV7A1 Amphibious Assault Vehicle1:144Arrived
LCAC Landing Craft Air Cushion JMSDFPKTM00106LCAC Landing Craft Air Cushion JMSDF1:144Arrived
LCAC Landing Craft Air Cushion USMCPKTM00107LCAC Landing Craft Air Cushion USMC1:144Arrived
PLA Navy Type 22 Missile BoatPKTM00108PLA Navy Type 22 Missile Boat1:144Arrived
50ton Chinese Tank TransportPKTM0020150ton Chinese Tank Transport1:35Arrived
DF-21 Ballistic Missile LauncherPKTM00202DF-21 Ballistic Missile Launcher1:35Arrived
Faun Panzer TransportPKTM00203Faun Panzer Transport1:35Arrived
SA-2 Guideline on Truck & TrailerPKTM00204SA-2 Guideline on Truck & Trailer1:35Arrived
HQ-2 Missile on Truck & TrailerPKTM00205HQ-2 Missile on Truck & Trailer1:35Arrived
SA-2 Guideline Missile & LauncherPKTM00206SA-2 Guideline Missile & Launcher1:35Arrived
K5(E) 28cm Railroad Gun 'Leopold'PKTM00207K5(E) 28cm Railroad Gun 'Leopold'1:35Arrived
Mörser Karl-Gerät 040/041 on Railway Transp. Carrier (early)PKTM00208Mörser Karl-Gerät 040/041 on Railway Transp. Carrier (early)1:35Arrived
Mörser Karl-Gerät 040/041 on Railway Transp. Carrier (late)PKTM00209Mörser Karl-Gerät 040/041 on Railway Transp. Carrier (late)1:35Arrived
BR52 Kriegslokomotive & TenderPKTM00210BR52 Kriegslokomotive & Tender1:35Arrived
MAZ-537G Soviet Tank Transporter & TrailerPKTM00211MAZ-537G Soviet Tank Transporter & Trailer1:35Arrived
MAZ-537 Soviet Tank TransporterPKTM00212MAZ-537 Soviet Tank Transporter1:35Arrived
German Railway Track SetPKTM00213German Railway Track Set1:35Arrived
Mörser Karl-Gerät 040/041PKTM00215Mörser Karl-Gerät 040/0411:35Arrived
WR360 C12 German Diesel LocomotivePKTM00216WR360 C12 German Diesel Locomotive1:35Arrived
BR86 DampflokomotivePKTM00217BR86 Dampflokomotive1:35Arrived
BR57 Panzerlok Armoured LocomotivePKTM00219BR57 Panzerlok Armoured Locomotive1:35Arrived

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