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 Item No.ProductETAPriceEra
PD-001PD-00110 pcs 12X23mm 2 Lite D00rs H0/00Arrived
PD-002PD-0026 pcs 36X23mm 6 Lite Dbl Unit Garage D00rs H0/00Arrived
PD-003PD-0036 pcs 11X24mm Cottage D00rs H0/00Arrived
PD-004PD-0046 pcs 28X25mm Double Unit D00rs H0/00Arrived
PD-005PD-0054 pcs 50X64mm Double Unit Loco Depot D00rs H0/00Arrived
PLS-001PLS-0012 pcs Illuminated R00ms w/flat TVs News & Sports (H0/00 kit)Arrived
PLS-002PLS-0024 pcs Illuminated Decorated R00ms (H0/00 kit)Arrived
PLS-003PLS-003Laser-Cut Cable Drums Kit (4 drums) H0/00Arrived
PLS-004PLS-004Laser-Cut Cottages Kit (2 cottages) H0/00Arrived
PLS-005PLS-005Laser-Cut Container Offices (2 containers) 00 scaleArrived
PLS-006PLS-006Laser-Cut 4 Car Shed Kit H0/00Arrived
PLS-007PLS-007Laser-Cut Outdoor Billboards Kit No:1 (4 in a set)Arrived
PLS-008PLS-0082 pcs Illuminated R00ms w/flat TVs Nature & Erotic (H0/00 kiArrived
PLS-009PLS-009H0-00 Double Engine Loco Shed Laser-Cut KitArrived
PLS-010PLS-010Laser-Cut Outdoor Billboards Kit No:2 (4 in a set)Arrived
PLS-011PLS-011La Gare Afion in TurkeyArrived
PLS-013PLS-0132 Track Signal Bridge w/12 Lights (H0 or 00)Arrived
PLS-014PLS-014H0/00 Double Engine Loco Shed (Long) w/Interior LightingArrived
PLS-015PLS-015H0-00 Village Station (Soon)Arrived
PLS-016PLS-016H0/00 Sidewalks ConcreteArrived
PLS-017PLS-017H0/00 Sidewalks DiamondArrived
PLS-018PLS-018H0/00 Sidewalks HexagonArrived
PLS-019PLS-019N Scale Sidewalks ConcreteArrived
PLS-020PLS-020N Scale Sidewalks DiamondArrived
PLS-030PLS-030O Scale 2 X Billboards No: 1 Lucky Lady + BeetleArrived

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KEY: DS or SF suffix = DCC Sound Factory Fitted | DC suffix = DCC Decoder Factory Fitted | [W] suffix = Weathered finish | [PF] suffix = Passenger Figures Fitted | [L] suffix = Supplied with a Wagon Load

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