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 Item No.ProductETAPriceEra
Servicing Point44-0053Servicing PointArrived
Station Café44-0071Station CaféArrived
Weybourne Road Bridge44-0072Weybourne Road BridgeArrived
Weybourne Water Crane and Tank44-0073Weybourne Water Crane and TankArrived
Colliery Pit Head Lift44-0075Colliery Pit Head LiftArrived
Filling Station44-0077Filling StationArrived
Crossing Keeper's Cottage44-0078Crossing Keeper's CottageArrived
Grain Warehouse44-0079Grain WarehouseArrived
Narrow Gauge Slate built engine shed44-0101Narrow Gauge Slate built engine shedArrived
Narrow Gauge Slate Built Water Tower44-0102Narrow Gauge Slate Built Water TowerArrived
Narrow Gauge Slate Built Coal Store44-0103Narrow Gauge Slate Built Coal StoreArrived
Narrow Gauge Timber Loco Lift44-0104Narrow Gauge Timber Loco LiftArrived
Narrow Gauge Slate Processing Building44-0105Narrow Gauge Slate Processing BuildingArrived
Narrow Gauge Slate Built Boiler House and Chimney44-0106Narrow Gauge Slate Built Boiler House and ChimneyArrived
Narrow Gauge Slate Footbridge44-0107Narrow Gauge Slate FootbridgeArrived
Narrow Gauge Slate Worker's Cottage44-0108Narrow Gauge Slate Worker's CottageArrived
Telecommunications cabin44-0109Telecommunications cabinArrived
Depot Storage tanks44-0110Depot Storage tanksArrived
Steel Frame Crane44-0111Steel Frame CraneArrived
Cylindrical Tanks44-0112Cylindrical TanksArrived
Brick Boiler Room44-0113Brick Boiler RoomArrived
Fuel Storage Tanks44-016Fuel Storage TanksAwaiting
Low Relief Honey Stone Smithy44-0200Low Relief Honey Stone SmithyArrived
Low Relief Corner Pub, The Red Lion44-0201Low Relief Corner Pub, The Red LionArrived
Low Relief Municipal reinforced concrete housing44-0202Low Relief Municipal reinforced concrete housingArrived

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