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 Item No.ProductETAPriceEra
Station Passengers Standing379-304Station Passengers StandingArrived
Shopping Figures379-306Shopping FiguresArrived
Suburban Street Scene379-319Suburban Street SceneArrived
Modern Farming Figures379-323Modern Farming FiguresArrived
1940/50's Arable Farming Figures379-3241940/50's Arable Farming FiguresArrived
1940/50's Livestock Farming Figures379-3261940/50's Livestock Farming FiguresArrived
Rural Tradesmen379-327Rural TradesmenArrived
1960/70s Urban Workers379-3281960/70s Urban WorkersArrived
1960/70s Tradesmen379-3291960/70s TradesmenArrived
1960/70s Lineside Workers379-3301960/70s Lineside WorkersArrived
Narrow Gauge Figures396-101Narrow Gauge FiguresAwaiting
Stone Engine Shed with Tank42-0002Stone Engine Shed with Tank
Small Water Tower42-0018Small Water TowerArrived
Electrical Relay Room42-0026Electrical Relay RoomArrived
Wooden Engine Shed42-0029Wooden Engine Shed
Corner Florist42-0047Corner FloristArrived
March West Signal Box42-0060March West Signal BoxArrived
Round Bolier House Chimney42-0063Round Bolier House Chimney
Station Café42-0071Station CaféArrived
Crossing Keeper's Cottage42-0078Crossing Keeper's CottageArrived
Beach Huts (x2)42-0080Beach Huts (x2)Arrived
Stone Cattle Dock42-0081Stone Cattle DockArrived
Industrial Gate House42-0086Industrial Gate House
Industrial Yard Office42-0087Industrial Yard Office

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