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 Item No.ProductETAPriceEra
Washing Plant47-002Washing PlantAwaiting
O Gauge Depot Mess Room47-0054O Gauge Depot Mess RoomAwaiting
Fueling Point47-040Fueling PointArrived
Lineside Workers A47-401Lineside Workers AIn Stock
Lineside Workers B47-402Lineside Workers BIn Stock
Lineside Workers C47-403Lineside Workers CIn Stock
Sitting Passengers A47-404Sitting Passengers AIn Stock
Sitting Passengers B47-405Sitting Passengers BIn Stock
Sitting Passengers C47-406Sitting Passengers CIn Stock
Policeman and Policewoman47-407Policeman and PolicewomanIn Stock
Standing Passengers A47-408Standing Passengers AIn Stock
Standing Passengers B47-409Standing Passengers BIn Stock
Standing Passengers C47-410Standing Passengers CIn Stock
Station Staff 70s set A47-411Station Staff 70s set AIn Stock
Station Staff 70s set B47-412Station Staff 70s set BIn Stock
Station Modernisation Pack47-502Station Modernisation PackIn Stock
Platform Tractor Units47-539Platform Tractor UnitsIn Stock
Walls & Gates47-541Walls & GatesArrived
Station Signage Set47-548Station Signage SetIn Stock
Corrugated Metal Shed47-558Corrugated Metal ShedArrived
Coolant Trolley47-567Coolant TrolleyIn Stock
Midland Water Crane (Platform Mounted)47-572Midland Water Crane (Platform Mounted)Arrived
4 Lever Open Ground Frame47-5754 Lever Open Ground FrameAwaiting

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