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 Item No.ProductETAPriceEra
pkay13012PKAY13012M151A2 Hard Top with Trailer
PKAY13201PKAY13201Warrior MCV Iraq 2003
PKAY13202PKAY13202M1A1 Abrams Iraq 2003Arrived
PKAY13205PKAY13205M2A2 Bradley Iraq
PKAY13211PKAY13211M113 Iraq War versionArrived
pkay13215PKAY13215K1A1 ROK MBT
pkay13218PKAY13218M50A1 USMC ONTOS 106mm
PKAY13227PKAY13227Merkava Mk IV LICArrived
PKAY13229PKAY13229King Tiger 'Last Production'
PKAY13230PKAY13230Jagdpanzer 38(t) HetzerArrived
PKAY13233PKAY13233Panzer IV H w/armour
PKAY13234PKAY13234Panzer IV HArrived
PKAY13235PKAY13235Sturmgeschutz IVArrived
PKAY13237PKAY13237M2 Bradley IFVArrived
pkay13238PKAY13238LVTP7 AMTRAC Landing Craft ROKMC
PKAY13239PKAY13239Tiger 1 early version (Interior detail)Arrived
pkay13240PKAY13240M60A1 USMC w/ RISE Passive Armour
PKAY13241PKAY13241M1025 Armoured CarrierArrived
PKAY13251 R.O.K. Tank Crew Figure SetPKAY13251R.O.K. Tank Crew Figure Set
PKAY13252 1370 German WWII InfantryPKAY132521370 German WWII Infantry
PKAY13254 IDF M-51 Super ShermanPKAY13254IDF M-51 Super Sherman
PKAY13255PKAY13255M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer
pkay13259PKAY13259German Machine Gun Team
pkay13260PKAY13260Allied & German Tank Supplies Set 1

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