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"A passion for precision" ACADEMY has been at the forefront of plastic kit modelling for over forty years. This comprehensive range come in attractive illustrated packaging and covers aircraft, armour, maritime and other subject in a variety of scales.

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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
P-51D MustangPKAY12485P-51D Mustang1:72Awaiting
PBY-5A Black CatalinaPKAY12487PBY-5A Black Catalina1:72Awaiting
AH-64A ApachePKAY12488AH-64A Apache1:72Arrived
P-47D Thunderbolt BubbletopPKAY12491P-47D Thunderbolt Bubbletop1:72Awaiting
P-47D Thunderbolt RazorbackPKAY12492P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback1:72Awaiting
Zero Fighter Type 52CPKAY12493Zero Fighter Type 52C1:72Awaiting
B-17F Memphis BellePKAY12495B-17F Memphis Belle1:72Awaiting
F-15C MSIP IIPKAY12506F-15C MSIP II1:72Awaiting
F-35A Lightning II USAFPKAY12507F-35A Lightning II USAF1:72Awaiting
C-130H Hercules USAF/ROKAFPKAY12511C-130H Hercules USAF/ROKAF1:72Arrived
AH-64D Block IIPKAY12514AH-64D Block II1:72Awaiting
USN F-4J Phantom 'Showtime 100'PKAY12515USN F-4J Phantom 'Showtime 100'1:72Awaiting
B-29A USAAF 'Old Battler'PKAY12517B-29A USAAF 'Old Battler'1:72Awaiting
T-50 ROKAF Advanced TrainerPKAY12519T-50 ROKAF Advanced Trainer1:72Arrived
F/A-18+ US Navy Hornet VMFA-232 'Red Devils'PKAY12520F/A-18+ US Navy Hornet VMFA-232 'Red Devils'1:72Awaiting
USN F-8E Crusader VF-162 'The Hunters'PKAY12521USN F-8E Crusader VF-162 'The Hunters'1:72Awaiting
B-29A "Enola Gay" & "Bockscar"PKAY12528B-29A "Enola Gay" & "Bockscar"1:72Awaiting
F-4J Phantom US Navy 'VF-84 Jolly Rogers'PKAY12529F-4J Phantom US Navy 'VF-84 Jolly Rogers'1:72Arrived
P-47D & F-86E 'Gabreski'PKAY12530P-47D & F-86E 'Gabreski'1:72Arrived
B-17E USAAF Pacific Theatre 'Old 666'PKAY12533B-17E USAAF Pacific Theatre 'Old 666'1:72Awaiting
F/A-18C USN 'VFA-82 Marauders'PKAY12534F/A-18C USN 'VFA-82 Marauders'1:72Awaiting
F/A-18F USN 'VF-103 Jolly Rogers' (MCP)PKAY12535F/A-18F USN 'VF-103 Jolly Rogers' (MCP)1:72Awaiting
AH-64D British Army 'Afghanistan'PKAY12537AH-64D British Army 'Afghanistan'1:72Awaiting
F-16C USAF Multirole Fighter MCPPKAY12541F-16C USAF Multirole Fighter MCP1:72Arrived
Me 262A-1/2 'Last Ace' Limited EditionPKAY12542Me 262A-1/2 'Last Ace' Limited Edition1:72Arrived

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KEY: DS or SF suffix = DCC Sound Factory Fitted | DC suffix = DCC Decoder Factory Fitted | [W] suffix = Weathered finish | [PF] suffix = Passenger Figures Fitted | [L] suffix = Supplied with a Wagon Load

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