Class 69 69005 'Eastleigh' BR Green (Late Crest) (GBRf)Class 69 69005 'Eastleigh' BR Green (Late Crest) (GBRf)Class 69 69005 'Eastleigh' BR Green (Late Crest) (GBRf)
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Class 69 69005 'Eastleigh' BR Green (Late Crest) (GBRf)


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The real Class 69 Diesel Locomotives have been created for GBRf through the conversion of redundant Class 56s and we are delighted to present this Bachmann Branchline OO scale model of Britain’s newest mainline diesel.

Produced under an exclusive agreement with GBRf, the Branchline model has been painstakingly developed hand-in-hand with the introduction of the GBRf fleet. With the Class 69s being built from donor locomotives that were first built by three different works and have themselves seen almost fifty years of use and modification, Bachmann has worked closely with GBRf to accommodate any detail differences that were present on the donors and have remained apparent on the rebuilt machines, along with any changes made to the final design of the Class 69 during the ongoing build programme.

This diligent approach has resulted in a truly magnificent model which befits the Branchline name, capturing the Class 56 shape to a tee alongside the modern adornments and many changes made to the locomotives to create the 69s.

The bodyshell features crisp, accurate mouldings to depict the main features along with separately fitted parts, including etched bodyside and roof fan grilles, metal windscreen wipers and separately fitted driver’s door handrails. Inside the cab there is interior detailing which will be decorated appropriately whilst machine room detailing is visible through the bodyside grilles. The underframe equipment is all present and correct, composed of many separate parts along with sandboxes and sandpipes and sprung metal buffers, but it is the bogies that really bring this model to life. It’s hard to describe these as anything but a work of art, using countless separate components to model every aspect of the bogie in full relief, from the brakes to the suspension, even down to the separately fitted bogie-body securing chains.

All of this detail, both inside and out, will be brought to life with an exquisite livery application using true-to-prototype colours, fonts and logos and with the help of GBRf official livery diagrams.

Under the body, the Branchline Class 69 features our proven drive system using a 5 pole motor with twin flywheels driving all axles on each bogie. Electrical pick-up comes from all wheels whilst DCC provision comes in the form of a Plux22 interface. Directional lighting is of course provided, along with cab and machine room lighting when used on DCC. The Dual Fitted speaker system is fitted to every model and this is fully utilised in our SOUND FITTED and SOUND FITTED DELUXE variants. Talking of SOUND FITTED DELUXE, opt for our top of the range model and you can enjoy the additional features of motorised radiator fans and DCC-uncoupling – thanks to the Bachmann Auto-release Coupling System!


  • Bachmann Branchline OO Scale
  • Era 9
  • Pristine BR Green (Late Crest) (GBRf) livery
  • Running No. 69005
  • Named 'Eastleigh'
  • Etched Nameplates included
  • SOUND FITTED – Fitted with a ESU V5DCC Sound Decoder
  • Length 254mm




  • Five pole, twin shaft motor with two flywheels providing drive to both bogies
  • All axle drive
  • Electrical pickup from all wheels
  • Separate metal bearings fitted to each axle
  • Diecast metal chassis block and bogie towers
  • Diecast metal gearboxes, with gearing arranged for prototypical running speeds and haulage capabilities
  • 5mm (OO gauge) wheels to NEM310 & NEM311 standards with authentic profile and detailing
  • Close coupling mechanism fitted at each end, each of which is fitted with coupling pockets to NEM362 standards
  • Auto-Release Couplings fitted at both ends – DCC operated, hands-free uncoupling with the press of a function button (SOUND FITTED DELUXE models only)
  • Designed to operate on curves of second radius (438mm) or greater


  • Bogies constructed from multiple components featuring full relief detail
  • Rotating radiator fans, driven by an independent motor and gearbox, operated as part of the sound project on DCC and Analogue control (SOUND FITTED DELUXE models only)
  • Separately applied metal detail parts, including lifting eyes, windscreen wipers and etched bodyside and fan grilles
  • Sprung metal buffers
  • Each model supplied with a full set of decorated, model-specific bufferbeam pipework and accessory parts


  • Directional lighting, switchable on/off at either end on DCC or Analogue control
  • Cab lighting*, assigned to two DCC functions for separate switching of each
  • Separately switched Machine Room lighting* (*when used on DCC)
  • Authentic light colours and temperatures selected for each model based on era and application


  • Plux22 DCC decoder interface


  • Dual Fitted - Two quality speakers employed for optimum sound reproduction, fitted to every model as standard
  • ESU Loksound V5DCC Sound Decoder fitted to SOUND FITTED and SOUND FITTED DELUXE versions
  • Sound files produced specifically for the Bachmann Branchline Class 69 using recordings from real locomotives
  • SOUND FITTED and SOUND FITTED DELUXE models operate on DCC and Analogue control as supplied. On Analogue, an authentic engine start up sequence and running sounds are produced when power is applied


  • Authentic liveries applied to all models
  • Multiple paint applications employed on each model using BR & GBRf specification colours
  • Logos, numerals and text added as appropriate using multi-stage tampo printing using authentic typefaces, logos and colours



The Class 69 Diesel Locomotive was conceived by rail freight operator GB Railfreight (GBRf) to meet their growing locomotive needs. With a requirement for locomotives similar in performance to their fleet of Class 66s, but being unable to purchase new Class 66s, GBRf turned to redundant Class 56s which could be converted into new locos with similar capabilities. As part of the conversion new equipment and systems were installed, including EMD 710 diesel engines, the same as those used in Class 66s. The pool of Class 56s to be converted included examples built at BREL Crewe, BREL Doncaster and Electroputere in Romania, with the conversion work undertaken in Stoke-On-Trent by the American company Progress Rail.

GBRf formally announced the project in Spring 2019 and the first locomotive, No. 69001, commenced running trials at the Severn Valley Railway in February 2021. The type received approval by the Office of Rail and Road in May 2021, allowing the new locomotives to be pressed into service.

The initial order was for ten locomotives with an option for a further six, and by the start of 2024, the first ten locos – Nos. 69001-69010 – had entered service. Each locomotive has been painted by Arlington Fleet Services in Eastleigh and the liveries applied to the Class 69s range from GBRf’s ‘standard’ orange and blue scheme, and variations on it, to retro-BR liveries including BR Blue, BR Large Logo Blue, BR Green and RTC Red & Blue. Several of the Class are named including the first locomotive, No. 69001, which entered traffic in GBRf orange and blue adorned with UK and US flags and named ‘Mayflower’, symbolising the American input into the rebuilding of this British-designed locomotive.

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