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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
Line EngraverPKTM09912Line EngraverMiscArrived
Paint TrayPKTM09913Paint TrayMiscAwaiting
Model ClampPKTM09914Model ClampMiscArrived
Display StandPKTM09915Display StandMiscArrived
Zimmerit Coat Applicator ToolPKTM09916Zimmerit Coat Applicator ToolMiscArrived
Model SawPKTM09917Model SawMiscArrived
Decal TrayPKTM09918Decal TrayMiscArrived
Sandpaper GripPKTM09919Sandpaper GripMiscArrived
Handrail Jigs (6 sizes)PKTM09921Handrail Jigs (6 sizes)MiscArrived
Putty TrayPKTM09922Putty TrayMiscArrived
Model Chisel F1 (1x1mm)PKTM09923Model Chisel F1 (1x1mm)MiscArrived
Model Chisel F2 (2x2mm)PKTM09924Model Chisel F2 (2x2mm)MiscArrived
Model Chisel F3 (3x3mm)PKTM09925Model Chisel F3 (3x3mm)MiscArrived
Model Chisel R2 (2mm)PKTM09926Model Chisel R2 (2mm)MiscArrived
Model Chisel RR2 (3mm)PKTM09927Model Chisel RR2 (3mm)MiscArrived
Model Chisel T2 (2.8x2.8mm)PKTM09928Model Chisel T2 (2.8x2.8mm)MiscArrived
Sandpaper Handles (8 asst'd)PKTM09929Sandpaper Handles (8 asst'd)MiscArrived
Flexible File HolderPKTM09930Flexible File HolderMiscArrived
Photo Etched parts Bender Large (162x79mm)PKTM09931Photo Etched parts Bender Large (162x79mm)MiscArrived
Photo Etched parts Bender Medium (79x59mm)PKTM09932Photo Etched parts Bender Medium (79x59mm)MiscArrived
Photo Etched parts Bender Small (59x59mm)PKTM09933Photo Etched parts Bender Small (59x59mm)MiscArrived
20cm Brass Pipe Set 8PKTM0993520cm Brass Pipe Set 8MiscArrived
20cm Brass Pipe Set 7PKTM0993620cm Brass Pipe Set 7MiscArrived
Disc & Circle Asst A (0.5mm plasticard)PKTM09937Disc & Circle Asst A (0.5mm plasticard)MiscArrived
Disc & Circle Asst B (0.5mm plasticard)PKTM09938Disc & Circle Asst B (0.5mm plasticard)MiscArrived

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KEY: DS or SF suffix = DCC Sound Factory Fitted | DC suffix = DCC Decoder Factory Fitted | [W] suffix = Weathered finish | [PF] suffix = Passenger Figures Fitted | [L] suffix = Supplied with a Wagon Load

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