Make striking deciduous, conifer or dead trees ranging in height from 2¼ to 4½ inches. Kits include bendable, lead-free metal armatures and foliage.

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2½ Ornamental Trees (5/Kit)WTK122½ Ornamental Trees (5/Kit)MiscArrived
3¼" Softwood Pine Tree (5/Kit)WTK143¼" Softwood Pine Tree (5/Kit)MiscArrived
3½" Shag Bark Trees (3/Kit)WTK173½" Shag Bark Trees (3/Kit)MiscArrived
3½" Double Fork Trees (2/Kit)WTK183½" Double Fork Trees (2/Kit)MiscArrived
4" Shade Trees (2/Kit)WTK194" Shade Trees (2/Kit)MiscArrived
4½" Gnarled Trees (2/Kit)WTK214½" Gnarled Trees (2/Kit)MiscArrived

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