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USS Arleigh Burke DDG-51PKTM04523USS Arleigh Burke DDG-511:350Arrived
USS Cole DDG-67PKTM04524USS Cole DDG-671:350Arrived
USS Momsen DDG-92PKTM04527USS Momsen DDG-921:350Arrived
USS Forrest Sherman DDG-98PKTM04528USS Forrest Sherman DDG-981:350Arrived
JMSDF Atago DDG-177PKTM04536JMSDF Atago DDG-1771:350Arrived
HMS Kent F78 Type 23 FrigatePKTM04544HMS Kent F78 Type 23 Frigate1:350Arrived
HMS Montrose F236 Type 23 FrigatePKTM04545HMS Montrose F236 Type 23 Frigate1:350Arrived
HMS Westminster F237 Type 23 FrigatePKTM04546HMS Westminster F237 Type 23 Frigate1:350Arrived
HMS Monmouth F235 Type 23 FrigatePKTM04547HMS Monmouth F235 Type 23 Frigate1:350Arrived
USS Independence LCS-2PKTM04548USS Independence LCS-21:350Arrived
HMS Daring Type 45 DestroyerPKTM04550HMS Daring Type 45 Destroyer1:350Arrived
HMS AstutePKTM04598HMS Astute1:350Arrived
PLAN Type 039G Song Class SSGPKTM04599PLAN Type 039G Song Class SSG1:350Arrived
SS Jeremiah O'Brien D-Day Liberty ShipPKTM05301SS Jeremiah O'Brien D-Day Liberty Ship1:350Arrived
HMS Hood 1941PKTM05302HMS Hood 19411:350Arrived
USS North Carolina BB-55PKTM05303USS North Carolina BB-551:350Arrived
USS The Sullivans DD537PKTM05304USS The Sullivans DD5371:350Arrived
USS England DE635PKTM05305USS England DE6351:350Arrived
USS Massachusetts BB59PKTM05306USS Massachusetts BB591:350Arrived
USS Alabama BB60PKTM05307USS Alabama BB601:350Arrived
SS John W Brown D-Day Liberty ShipPKTM05308SS John W Brown D-Day Liberty Ship1:350Arrived
USS San Francisco CA-38 1942PKTM05309USS San Francisco CA-38 19421:350Arrived
Richelieu French BattleshipPKTM05311Richelieu French Battleship1:350Arrived
HMS Repulse BattlecruiserPKTM05312HMS Repulse Battlecruiser1:350Arrived
Prinz Eugen German Cruiser 1945PKTM05313Prinz Eugen German Cruiser 19451:350Arrived
Admiral Graf SpeePKTM05316Admiral Graf Spee1:350Arrived
Admiral Hipper German Cruiser 1941PKTM05317Admiral Hipper German Cruiser 19411:350Arrived
RN Roma Italian Navy BattleshipPKTM05318RN Roma Italian Navy Battleship1:350Arrived
RN Littorio Italian Navy Battleship 1941PKTM05319RN Littorio Italian Navy Battleship 19411:350Arrived
RN Vittorio Veneto Italian Navy Battleship 1940PKTM05320RN Vittorio Veneto Italian Navy Battleship 19401:350Arrived
Zerstorer Z25 1944PKTM05321Zerstorer Z25 19441:350Arrived
Zerstorer Z30 1942PKTM05322Zerstorer Z30 19421:350Arrived
Zerstorer Z43 1944PKTM05323Zerstorer Z43 19441:350Arrived
HMS Queen Elizabeth 1943PKTM05324HMS Queen Elizabeth 19431:350Arrived
HMS Warspite 1942PKTM05325HMS Warspite 19421:350Arrived
USS Indianapolis CA-35 1945PKTM05326USS Indianapolis CA-35 19451:350Arrived
HMS Dreadnought 1907PKTM05328HMS Dreadnought 19071:350Arrived
HMS Dreadnought 1915PKTM05329HMS Dreadnought 19151:350Arrived
HMS Dreadnought 1918PKTM05330HMS Dreadnought 19181:350Arrived
HMS Eskimo Destroyer 1941PKTM05331HMS Eskimo Destroyer 19411:350Arrived
HMS Zulu Destroyer 1941PKTM05332HMS Zulu Destroyer 19411:350Arrived
HMCS Huron (G24) Tribal Class Destroyer 1944PKTM05333HMCS Huron (G24) Tribal Class Destroyer 19441:350Arrived
HMS Belfast 1942PKTM05334HMS Belfast 19421:350Awaiting
HMS Roberts MonitorPKTM05335HMS Roberts Monitor1:350Arrived
HMS Abercrombie MonitorPKTM05336HMS Abercrombie Monitor1:350Arrived
Tsesarevich 1904PKTM05338Tsesarevich 19041:350Arrived
USS Texas BB-35PKTM05340USS Texas BB-351:350Arrived
Italian Heavy Cruiser GoriziaPKTM05349Italian Heavy Cruiser Gorizia1:350Arrived
HMS ExeterPKTM05350HMS Exeter1:350Arrived
HMS YorkPKTM05351HMS York1:350Arrived

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