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1:35 Scale

1:35 Scale

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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
Waffentrager PaK43 88mm (Krupp/Steyr)PKTM01598Waffentrager PaK43 88mm (Krupp/Steyr)1:35Arrived
JGSDF Type 87 AWPKTM01599JGSDF Type 87 AW1:35Arrived
BJ212A Chinese Jeep w/ 105mm Recoilless RiflePKTM02301BJ212A Chinese Jeep w/ 105mm Recoilless Rifle1:35Awaiting
BJ212 Chinese Military JeepPKTM02302BJ212 Chinese Military Jeep1:35Arrived
105mm Type 75 Recoilless Rifle w/ 3 figuresPKTM02303105mm Type 75 Recoilless Rifle w/ 3 figures1:35Awaiting
sFH18 German Field HowitzerPKTM02304sFH18 German Field Howitzer1:35Arrived
K18 German Field HowitzerPKTM02305K18 German Field Howitzer1:35Arrived
M198 Medium Towed Howitzer EarlyPKTM02306M198 Medium Towed Howitzer Early1:35Arrived
B-4 Mod 1931 203mm Soviet HowitzerPKTM02307B-4 Mod 1931 203mm Soviet Howitzer1:35Arrived
PaK43/41 88mmPKTM02308PaK43/41 88mm1:35Arrived
FlaK38 2.0cm Anti-aircraft GunPKTM02309FlaK38 2.0cm Anti-aircraft Gun1:35Arrived
FlaK37 3.7cm Anti-aircraft GunPKTM02310FlaK37 3.7cm Anti-aircraft Gun1:35Arrived
FlaK43 3.7cm Anti-aircraft GunPKTM02311FlaK43 3.7cm Anti-aircraft Gun1:35Arrived
PaK44 128mm (Rhine)PKTM02312PaK44 128mm (Rhine)1:35Arrived
17cm Kanone 18 Heavy GunPKTM0231317cm Kanone 18 Heavy Gun1:35Arrived
21cm Morser 18 Heavy ArtilleryPKTM0231421cm Morser 18 Heavy Artillery1:35Arrived
ML-20 Mod 1937 152mm HowitzerPKTM02315ML-20 Mod 1937 152mm Howitzer1:35Arrived
A-19 Mod 1931 122mm CannonPKTM02316A-19 Mod 1931 122mm Cannon1:35Arrived
PaK44 German 128mm (Krupp)PKTM02317PaK44 German 128mm (Krupp)1:35Arrived
M198 Medium Towed Howitzer LatePKTM02319M198 Medium Towed Howitzer Late1:35Arrived
PLA type 63 107mm Rocket Launcher & BJ212 JeepPKTM02320PLA type 63 107mm Rocket Launcher & BJ212 Jeep1:35Arrived
Aerosan NKL-26 Soviet Armoured AerosledPKTM02321Aerosan NKL-26 Soviet Armoured Aerosled1:35Arrived
Aerosan RF-8/GAZ-98 Soviet AerosledPKTM02322Aerosan RF-8/GAZ-98 Soviet Aerosled1:35Arrived
ML-20 152mm Soviet Howitzer Mod 1937PKTM02323ML-20 152mm Soviet Howitzer Mod 19371:35Arrived
ML-20 152mm Soviet Howitzer w/ M-46 CarriagePKTM02324ML-20 152mm Soviet Howitzer w/ M-46 Carriage1:35Arrived

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