Kinesis Wireless DCC System Starter Pack36-530 Kinesis Wireless DCC System Starter Pack36-530 Kinesis Wireless DCC System Starter Pack36-530 Kinesis Wireless DCC System Starter Pack
36-530 Kinesis Wireless DCC System Starter Pack
36-530 Kinesis Wireless DCC System Starter Pack
36-530 Kinesis Wireless DCC System Starter Pack

Kinesis Wireless DCC System Starter Pack


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Welcome to Model Railway Control Redefined – thanks to Bachmann Kinesis. The Kinesis Digital Command Control (DCC) system is a new, versatile and comprehensive DCC package that gives every user full control of their model railway and how they operate it. With this Starter Pack you can choose to run your railway with the Edge Wireless Handset, the RailController Hand-Held App for Android or Apple, or using RailController software running on a PC – or if you need multiple controllers why not use a mixture of controllers, all seamlessly synchronised across different handsets and devices so that every screen shows real-time information for locomotive speeds, directions and functions, and accessory settings.

The Kinesis system has been developed entirely in-house from the ground up, by listening to the needs of railway modellers, and this Starter Pack provides everything you need to enjoy the key features of the system straight away. In its simplest form, use the Edge Wireless Handset and Hub DCC Base Station straight out of the box without the need for any computers or other devices. However, add more controllers – with a PC running RailController software and with the RailController Hand-Held App – and you can open up a new world of simple, intuitive control, operating your layout the way you want to.

The potential complexity of controlling a modern DCC-operated model railway is taken away by using the new Kinesis system, giving you more time to see your layout operating instead of constantly monitoring control devices. Suitable for N, OO, OO9 and O Scale model railways.


Included in the Starter Pack is:


Kinesis Hub DCC Base Station

The Hub Base Station, with its 2 Amp power supply, features outputs to the main track and a separate programming track as well as an informative built-in backlit LCD that shows you everything the controller is doing. A USB port allows the Hub to be connected to a PC for use with RailController software (a fully-licensed version of which is included), whilst 2.4GHz wireless is used to connect up to five Edge Wireless Handsets to the controller.


Kinesis Hub Key Features:

  • 2 Amp power supply – control up to 10 locomotives and hundreds of points and accessories at once
  • Main Track and Programming Track outputs
  • USB port – can be connected to a PC running RailController software
  • 2.4GHz Wireless connectivity – connects to the Edge Wireless Handset (up to 5 Edge Handsets can be used with one Hub)
  • Built-in backlit two-line LCD display for full operational information and feedback
  • Includes fully-licensed copy of RailController PC software
  • Plug and play setup
  • Free Firmware updates


Kinesis Edge Wireless Handset

The Edge Handset is a sophisticated rechargeable, wireless device with a high contrast OLED display crafted to suit all model railway operators. With an ergonomic design, the handset allows locomotives to be operated using either the rotary dial or push buttons to change speed and direction. With two numeric keypads, the Edge features a dedicated set of function buttons for loco functions and running programs or function macros. The high performance battery will provide up to 12 hours of use from a single charge, with a typical charging time of 2 hours – you can even charge on the go whilst you operate your model railway, using a standard USB cable (supplied).


Kinesis Edge Key Features:

  • High Contrast OLED screen
  • 2.4GHz Wireless connectivity – connects to the Hub Base Station
  • Up to 50m operating range
  • Use up to 5 handsets with a Kinesis Hub (Additional Edge Handsets sold separately)
  • Integrated Rechargeable Battery for up to 12 hours operation
  • Typical charge time 2 hours (using the device whilst charging will extend the charge time)
  • Charge via the USB port using the supplied cable or with the Kinesis Edge Charging Cradle (sold separately)
  • Twin numeric keypads – one for loco/accessory ID entry and the other for operating functions and running programs whilst in any other mode
  • Operates up to 60 Functions (10 buttons, in up to 6 banks)
  • Responsive Rotary Speed Dial
  • User-configured speed increments
  • Side-Mounted Buttons can be configured to control locomotive speed or direction (at different speed increments to the rotary dial)
  • Quickly toggle between Locomotives and Accessories
  • Read and Write CVs via the Programming Track
  • Download locomotives and functions (by name for easy recognition) and accessories from RailController to the Edge Handset
  • Multiple locomotive operation
  • Programming function – create up to 10 mini-Programs from the Edge Handset
  • Operate locomotives and accessories whilst simultaneously running Programs
  • Real-time information synchronised across all handsets and devices that are being used during operation
  • Free Firmware updates
  • Optional Belt Holster that allows operation of locomotive speed, direction and ‘stop’ without removing (sold separately)
  • Optional silicone armour case, giving added protection to the handset (sold separately)


Kinesis RailController Software

Kinesis RailController is Bachmann’s bespoke computer software package which gives you full control of your model railway. Suitable for use with PCs running Windows™, RailController allows you to control your layout in the easiest way possible and also to automate the operation of your layout fully or partly; activating multiple locomotives, functions and accessories all at once – even when you’re operating alone.


Kinesis RailController Key Features:

  • Computer control software
  • Use up to two DCC base stations with one RailController software (including the older Dynamis Ultima)
  • Fully-licensed version (License Key included, requires activation)
  • Have up to 4 locomotive controllers on-screen at once
  • Operate locomotive functions with the press of a button
  • Configure any function to operate as ‘Trigger’ or ‘Latch’
  • Simple setup and operation of multi-headers
  • Read and Write loco CVs
  • RealSpeed feature – scale speed operation
  • Store thousands of locomotives and up to 2,048 accessories
  • Store locomotives with a name and picture for easy recognition
  • Database of Branchline and Graham Farish models pre-loaded and profiled for RealSpeed operation and functions
  • Create Locomotive Groups for easier management and operation of large locomotive fleets
  • Control all brands of locomotives and accessories (must be DCC-fitted)
  • Download locomotives (by name for easy recognition) and accessories to the Edge Handset and RailController Hand-Held App
  • Create MIMIC track plans of your layout(s)
  • Store multiple track plans for different layouts or sections of a larger layout
  • Download track plans and locos to the RailController Hand-Held App
  • Operate points with one click
  • Operate signals with one click, including cycling through multi-aspect colour light signals
  • Relay multiple points and signals for automatic operation
  • Set up routes with up to 100 points and signals all operated from a single button
  • Create Programs including operation of locomotive speed, direction and functions, and Operation of accessories
  • Use Programs for full or part automation of your Layout
  • Write Programs in plain English, with assistance from the software
  • Program Record function with playback and fine-tuning option
  • Real-time information synchronised across all handsets and devices that are being used simultaneously
  • Free Updates (automatically downloaded and installed when the computer is connected to the internet)
  • Continues to work with the Bachmann Dynamis Ultima and ESU Navigator

 Kinesis RailController System Requirements:

  • Works on Windows™ operating systems from XP to Windows 11 – Including all 32- and 64-bit variants
  • Connects to you layout via the Kinesis Hub DCC Base Station (USB cable included, one spare USB Port (USB 2.0 or 3.0) required)
  • 100MB of free hard-disk space
  • Internet access is required for activation and updates only
  • Will work on most desktops and laptops up to around ten years old (NetBooks not advised)
  • Optimised for touch screen displays


Kinesis RailController Hand-Held App

The new Kinesis RailController Hand-Held App can be used on Android or Apple devices and is connected to a computer running the Kinesis RailController software. Once connected to a computer, locomotives and accessories are downloaded from RailController to the App, including the full MIMIC track plan, by name rather than DCC address for easy recognition.

On a phone, when the device screen is in portrait mode a locomotive controller is displayed, providing control of speed, direction and functions from a single touch of the screen. Up to three controllers can be swiped sideways for quick access to loco control. Accessories can be accessed whilst in portrait mode, but invert the screen to landscape and your track plan will be displayed, showing points and signals just as they appear on your RailController track plan. They can be controlled on-plan with a single tap. With the RailController Hand-Held App it is possible to read and write CVs whilst also creating multiple-headers to operate two or more locomotives together.


Kinesis RailController Hand-Held App Key Features:

  • Connects to a PC running RailController via WiFi
  • Use the RailController Hand-Held App on multiple devices at once (RailController features 70 ports for App connections)
  • Available for Android and Apple devices
  • Control locomotives (including functions) and accessories
  • Download locomotives and accessories from RailController
  • Download MIMIC track plans for one-touch operation of points and signals
  • Read and Write CVs
  • Real-time information synchronised across all handsets and devices that are being used simultaneously
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