French/US SPAD XIIIc1 WWI Fighter, Late, 1918French/US SPAD XIIIc1 WWI FighterFrench/US SPAD XIIIc1 WWI FighterFrench/US SPAD XIIIc1 WWI Fighter
French/US SPAD XIIIc1 WWI Fighter
French/US SPAD XIIIc1 WWI Fighter
French/US SPAD XIIIc1 WWI Fighter

French/US SPAD XIIIc1 WWI Fighter, Late, 1918


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French/US SPAD XIIIc1 WWI Fighter.

French fighter of the First World War, developed in 1917 by the SPAD company from the earlier highly successful SPAD VIIc.1. The new type differed from its predecessor in its slightly larger dimensions, the shape of the cowling and control surfaces. Late-model aircraft had straightened wing tips, a new radiator grille, and differently shaped side louvres. In total, in 1917-1918, almost 8,000 fighters of this type were built, and used by the French Air Force and other countries such as Great Britain, the United States and Italy.

Many famous aces including Georges Guynemer, Francesco Baracca and Eddie Rickenbacker piloted this aircraft, gaining a significant number of their victories in the air with it. The front line service of the aircraft continued into the first few years after the war, and the SPAD XIII was one of the most important fighter aircraft of the newly created US Air Force up to the 1920s.

Markings for 3 aircraft:
(1) S 15202 American Expeditionary Force, pilot Lt Frank Luke, Rembercourt airfield, France Sept 1918;
(2) S 4523 American Expeditionary Force, pilot Capt Edward Vernon Rickenbacker, Foucaucort airfield, France July 1918;
(3) S 10039, French Armed Forces, pilot Lt Charles Nungesser, Villes-Saint George airfield, France August 1918.

1:32 scale plastic model kit from Roden, requires paint and glue.

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