USAF Convair NB-36H CrusaderPKROD348 USAF Convair NB-36H CrusaderUSAF Convair NB-36H CrusaderUSAF Convair NB-36H Crusader
PKROD348 USAF Convair NB-36H Crusader
USAF Convair NB-36H Crusader
USAF Convair NB-36H Crusader

USAF Convair NB-36H Crusader


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USAF Convair NB-36H Crusader.

The Convair NB-36H Crusader was an American research aircraft built in 1955, based on the B-36H bomber to determine the possibility of installing a nuclear reactor and so remain airborne for a long time. The nuclear reactor was located in the rear of the bomber, and its operation was monitored via telemetry by specialists seated next to the crew in a special compartment protected by lead shielding.

In all, from 1955 to 1957, the NB-36H Crusader made 47 test sorties, during which the nuclear power plant was turned on only as an auxiliary unit. Due to numerous risks, the principal of which was the unresolved issue of significant contamination in the event of the crash of such an aircraft, the research program was terminated and all future projects involving this type of aircraft were considered too dangerous.

• Markings for Convair NB-36H Bu.No 51-5712, Special Atomic Research Flight, Nex Mexico 1956
• 1:144 scale plastic model kit from Roden, requires paint and glue

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