Dynamis RailController software – the perfect partner for Dynamis Ultima DCC controller

Dynamis RailController works in conjunction with the powerful Dynamis Ultima DCC system to provide you with the simplest and most efficient way to control your model railway. This groundbreaking software shields you from much of the complexity of DCC, thus eliminating the need to remember locomotive, point and signal addresses. Now all you need to do is simply click a symbol on the screen. The software also allows you to do things you just would not be able to do manually. The low cost of the Dynamis RailController software also makes your decision to use computer control much easier.

What makes Dynamis RailController different?

Dynamis RailController allows you to have an unlimited number of locomotives in your own database which you can quickly and easily call up to control. You can have up to four locomotive controllers on the screen at any one time, position them anywhere on your screen and also resize them for optimal operation. Locomotives will run more realistically on your layout using Dynamis RailController’s built-in ‘RealSpeed’ feature. This allows locomotives to run at their correct speed according to the scale you are using. Setting up multiple locomotive headers is also a breeze, with up to ten headers in operation at any time. The key to Dynamis RailController is ease of use and we believe this is the easiest to use model railway computer-control package available.

System Requirements

  • Works on Windows operating systems from XP to Windows 10 – Including all 32 and 64-bit variants
  • One free USB Port – USB 2.0 or 3.0 compatible
  • 100MB of free hard-disk space
  • USB A to B shielded cable (supplied with the Bachmann Dynamis Ultima system)
  • Internet access is required for activation and updates only
  • Will work on most desktops and laptops up to around ten years old (exception of NetBooks)

What’s Included?

Dynamis RailController includes a track plan designer which allows you to create schematic diagrams of your layout, much like the ones you see in signal boxes. You can then place any number of point and signal controls on the track plan for operation. You can even tell the software that you have a ‘sticky’ point that needs an extra nudge to operate. Dynamis RailController will also control semaphore signals and multi-aspect colour light signals with or without route indicators and even allows you to link signals and points together for automatic relay operation.

Another great feature of the Dynamis RailController software is the ability to create programs to automate all or part of your layout. A simple programming language, in plain English, allows you to automate the operation of locomotives, including light and sound functions, and also your points, signals and turntables. Of course you will need point motors and accessory decoders to allow this. You can also play sounds from the software and incorporate images.

Whilst using Dynamis RailController with a mouse is easy, the software really comes into its own if you have a touch-screen desktop or notebook computer. Just touch a point on your track plan to switch it, touch a signal to cycle through all of its aspects and slide the locomotive throttle for precise control of speed.

The latest version of Dynamis RailController includes over fifty improvements and new features since its debut, including: control of DCC turntables, more sophisticated points and signals relaying, the ability to rotate signals and more sophisticated program control options. Dynamis RailController is the perfect control system for beginners and sophisticated users alike and is growing all the time. At Bachmann, we listen to users and implement ideas and suggestions. All updates released under 1.xx are free to existing users.

Key Features

  • Makes the Dynamis Ultima DCC system easier to use than ever before
  • Works with N, HO, OO and O scale layouts 
  • Simplifies entry into DCC operation
  • Enables full or part automation of your layout
  • Track plan designer
  • Easy operation of signals, especially multi-aspect light signals and route indicators
  • Regular software updates automatically downloaded and installed when available
  • The best value commercial model railway control software available
  • ‘RealSpeed’ scale speed operation of locomotives for added realism
  • Program record function and playback, with fine-tuning
  • Optimised for touch screen displays
  • Unparalleled email software support from the Dynamis RailController team
  • Database of Branchline and Graham Farish locomotives from 2005 built-in
  • Add and control any other loco from your collection to your system
  • Gives you more time to enjoy your layout instead of staring at controls
  • Exciting new software functions and hardware coming soon
  • Download an evaluation version of the software before purchasing
  • Free software evaluation version and USB lead supplied with all Dynamis Ultima DCC systems (36-504RC)

Click Here for Evaluation Version Download

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