Plastic Kits Spare Parts

The correct contact for any inquiry regarding a kit you have purchased is the retailer who sold the kit to you. We can try and help you on a direct basis subject to the conditions below. Please note we do not sell spare parts.

    We do not deal with kits that were bought outside the UK and were not supplied by us either directly or indirectly. Parts request will only be processed if accompanied by the Pocketbond or Bachmann box address label, barcode from the box and receipt.

    We do not supply missing parts for kits that have been started or if the kit has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

    Defects must be reported within three months of purchase. 

    We cannot guarantee supply of replacement parts as they may not be available from the manufacturer.

Depending on the nature of your request, please follow the relevant option below:

I have lost or damaged a part from a sprue

Part required because - Wrong sprue / short shot / faulty moulding

 A complete sprue / decals / wheel etc. is missing from my kit

Post to us the Bachmann/Pocketbond address label and barcode from the box.

Please note once the part has been sourced from manufacturer we will contact you regarding payment for parts.

Parts will be charged at the cost of £12.50 including postage and packaging. For photocopies of instructions the charge is £8.00 if over 4 pages.

Defects must be reported within three months of purchase. 

Post to us the Bachmann/Pocketbond address label and barcode from the box, and your sales receipt.

You must also return the faulty sprue to us by recorded (Signed For) delivery. We send defective parts back to the manufacturer so they might improve quality control in future.

Your kit is incomplete and must be returned to the retailer you bought it from.  

When returning the kit to the retailer, all other sprues must be intact and the kit must not have been started.

We will deal with this request through the retailer only.

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When returning faulty items please date your letter and include your name and address with full post code. We will also require the description and item number of the model, along with the part number you require. If you are unsure of this please circle part on instructions (photocopies are accepted). 

We only supply parts when received from the manufacturer. Please note we cannot guarantee supply of replacement parts. If we can’t obtain the replacement part from the manufacturer within eight months of your request we will contact you and any faulty parts received will be returned.

Post To:

Nicola Cooper, Pocketbond Spares, Bachmann Europe Plc, Moat Way, Barwell, Leicestershire, UK, LE9 8EY