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For more than 30 years, Toyway has produced classic, educational and collectable toys. From pocket money gliders to museum quality replica dinosaurs, we offer a fantastic range of products with timeless appeal. 

Our premium range of toy dinosaurs for the Natural History Museum has recently received a packaging upgrade and comes in colourful rebranded boxes. Each pack, now includes a fun collectable dinosaur fact card for information hungry dino fans! The ‘Lords of the Earth’ range is a fantastic selection of large-scale dinosaur toys from Toyway. These fun, detailed replicas are finished in bright colours and feature articulated limbs for even more play value! To complement the larger toy dinosaur products, we also carry a range of smaller pocket money dinosaur themed products. These include dinosaur skeletons and luminous dinosaurs.

Toyway also offers a more varied selection of pocket money toys, which include our pocket money gliders, rubber toy snakes, soft touch dolphins and sharks, all of which feature in counter display units. Our Toyway Science range of educational gadgets make ideal gifts for kids with a passion for science and technology and are available at pocket money prices. We also produce a range of nostalgic model toys that would appeal to the gift market. These include sixties scooters, motorbikes and a retro Chopper bike in bright, colourful packaging.

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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
Triceratops Soft Touch DinosaurTW44203Triceratops Soft Touch DinosaurArrived
Brachiosaurus Soft Touch DinosaurTW44204Brachiosaurus Soft Touch DinosaurArrived
Chopper and Hopper RidersTW47305Chopper and Hopper Riders1:12Arrived
Mini Metal DetectorTW491209Mini Metal DetectorMiscArrived
Lighted Pocket DoodlerTW491257Lighted Pocket DoodlerMiscArrived
Hands Free ListenerTW491278Hands Free ListenerMiscArrived
Listener GlassesTW491298Listener GlassesMiscArrived
Fingerboiler PenTW526492Fingerboiler PenMiscArrived
Biplane Gliders (Display Box Qty 48)TWCM9101Biplane Gliders (Display Box Qty 48)MiscArrived
Spirit 125 GX Kite for BeginnersTWG1029Spirit 125 GX Kite for BeginnersArrived
Flash 170 CX Kite for Advanced FlyersTWG1036Flash 170 CX Kite for Advanced FlyersArrived
Dynamic 140 Parafoil Stunt KiteTWG1038Dynamic 140 Parafoil Stunt KiteArrived
Flexus 150 GX Kite for Advanced FlyersTWG1041Flexus 150 GX Kite for Advanced FlyersArrived
Xero Loop Stunt KiteTWG1081Xero Loop Stunt KiteArrived
Delta Loop - Allround stunt kite. Ripstop-PolyesterTWG1085Delta Loop - Allround stunt kite. Ripstop-PolyesterArrived
Magic Fairy KiteTWG1101Magic Fairy KiteArrived
Jumbo Plane KiteTWG1102Jumbo Plane KiteArrived
Emma Unicorn KiteTWG1106Emma Unicorn KiteArrived
Flamingo KiteTWG1108Flamingo KiteArrived
Disney Mickey Kite 2022TWG1110Disney Mickey Kite 2022Arrived
Classic Kite with TailTWG1119Classic Kite with TailArrived
Dragon 3D KiteTWG1136Dragon 3D KiteArrived
Octopus - ripstop-polyester kite with 8 long tails, handle and lineTWG1150Octopus - ripstop-polyester kite with 8 long tails, handle and lineArrived
Butterfly Kite with TailTWG1151Butterfly Kite with TailArrived
Tiger Kite with TailTWG1153Tiger Kite with TailArrived

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