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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
Two-Storey Two Lower Rectangular Window Wall (x4)DPM30137Two-Storey Two Lower Rectangular Window Wall (x4)1:87Arrived
Two-Storey Four Rectangular Window Wall (x4)DPM30138Two-Storey Four Rectangular Window Wall (x4)1:87Arrived
Two-Storey Two Upper Rectangular Window Wall (x4)DPM30139Two-Storey Two Upper Rectangular Window Wall (x4)1:87Arrived
Street Level Victorian Entry Door (x4)DPM30141Street Level Victorian Entry Door (x4)1:87Arrived
Street Level Victorian Window (x4)DPM30142Street Level Victorian Window (x4)1:87Arrived
Dock Level Victorian Window Wall (x4)DPM30143Dock Level Victorian Window Wall (x4)1:87Arrived
Two-Storey Victorian Window Wall (x4)DPM30144Two-Storey Victorian Window Wall (x4)1:87Arrived
Single Storey Victorian Window Wall (x4)DPM30147Single Storey Victorian Window Wall (x4)1:87Arrived
Street Level 20th Century Entry Door (x4)DPM30161Street Level 20th Century Entry Door (x4)1:87Arrived
Street Level 20th Century Window Wall (x4)DPM30162Street Level 20th Century Window Wall (x4)1:87Arrived
Dock Level 20th Century Window Wall (x4)DPM30163Dock Level 20th Century Window Wall (x4)1:87Arrived
Two-Storey 20th Century Window Wall (x4)DPM30164Two-Storey 20th Century Window Wall (x4)1:87Arrived
Single Storey 20th Century Window Wall (x4)DPM30167Single Storey 20th Century Window Wall (x4)1:87Arrived
Street Level Steel Sash Entry Door (x4)DPM30171Street Level Steel Sash Entry Door (x4)1:87Arrived
Dock Level Steel Sash Entry Door (x4)DPM30172Dock Level Steel Sash Entry Door (x4)1:87Arrived
Dock Level Steel Sash Window (x4)DPM30173Dock Level Steel Sash Window (x4)1:87Arrived
Two-Storey Steel Sash Window (x4)DPM30174Two-Storey Steel Sash Window (x4)1:87Arrived
Single Storey Steel Sash Window (x4)DPM30175Single Storey Steel Sash Window (x4)1:87Arrived
Roof & Trim KitDPM30190Roof & Trim Kit1:87Arrived
HO Scale Planning PacketDPM30191HO Scale Planning Packet1:87Arrived
3-in-1 Modular Kit - 117 PiecesDPM351003-in-1 Modular Kit - 117 Pieces1:87Arrived
4-in-1 Modular Kit - 171 PiecesDPM352004-in-1 Modular Kit - 171 Pieces1:87Arrived
4-in-1 Modular Kit - 208 PiecesDPM353004-in-1 Modular Kit - 208 Pieces1:87Arrived
Fedups Freight CompanyDPM35400Fedups Freight Company1:87Arrived
Tera Surplus Window WarehouseDPM35500Tera Surplus Window Warehouse1:87Arrived
HO Scale Modular Learning KitDPM36000HO Scale Modular Learning Kit1:87Arrived
Arched Window Industrial BuildingDPM36100Arched Window Industrial Building1:87Arrived
Rectangular Window Industrial BuildingDPM36200Rectangular Window Industrial Building1:87Arrived
Victorian Style Storefront BuildingDPM36300Victorian Style Storefront Building1:87Arrived
Constructing Dpm Kits DVDDPM40000Constructing Dpm Kits DVDMiscArrived
Drywell InksDPM40100Drywell Inks1:87Arrived
Whitewater BrewingDPM40200Whitewater Brewing1:87Arrived
Entertainment DistrictDPM40300Entertainment District1:87Arrived
Coal River Passenger & Freight DepotDPM40500Coal River Passenger & Freight Depot1:87Arrived
Harlee & Sons Cycle ShopDPM40600Harlee & Sons Cycle Shop1:87Arrived
Popa Weelie's SaloonDPM40700Popa Weelie's Saloon1:87Arrived
Bruce's BakeryDPM50100Bruce's Bakery1:160Arrived
Hayes HardwareDPM50200Hayes Hardware1:160Feb/Mar
Otto's PartsDPM50300Otto's Parts1:160Arrived
Char's Soda ShoppeDPM50400Char's Soda Shoppe1:160Arrived
Goodnight Mattress CoDPM50500Goodnight Mattress Co1:160Arrived
Gripp's Luggage ManufacturingDPM50600Gripp's Luggage Manufacturing1:160Arrived
Corner ApothecaryDPM50700Corner Apothecary1:160Arrived
Crestone Credit UnionDPM50800Crestone Credit Union1:160Arrived
Hilltowne HotelDPM50900Hilltowne Hotel1:160Arrived
Trackside TransferDPM51000Trackside Transfer1:160Arrived
Cricket's SaloonDPM51100Cricket's Saloon1:160Arrived
Roadkill CafeDPM51200Roadkill Cafe1:160Arrived
Corner Turret BuildingDPM51300Corner Turret Building1:160Arrived

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