The new Utility System allows you to install utility poles to your layout in minutes. The Pre-Wired Poles are simple to install and enhance the realism of any layout. This system includes lots of details, such as guy wires, transformers, and both single and double crossbars. Everything is already hand-painted and weathered for authenticity. The system is designed to work together, with placement in mind, so there's no guesswork for you. Simply drill holes, then slide the poles and plant them in place.

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 Item No.ProductEraScaleETAPrice
N Wired Poles Single CrossbarWUS2250N Wired Poles Single Crossbar1:160Arrived
N Wired Poles Double CrossbarWUS2251N Wired Poles Double Crossbar1:160Arrived
N Transformer Connect SetWUS2252N Transformer Connect Set1:160Arrived
N SubstationWUS2253N Substation1:160Arrived
HO Wired Poles Single CrossbarWUS2265HO Wired Poles Single Crossbar1:87Arrived
HO Wired Poles Double CrossbarWUS2266HO Wired Poles Double Crossbar1:87Arrived
HO Transformer Connect SetWUS2267HO Transformer Connect Set1:87Arrived
HO SubstationWUS2268HO Substation1:87Arrived
O Wired Poles Single CrossbarWUS2280O Wired Poles Single Crossbar1:48Arrived
O Wired Poles Double CrossbarWUS2281O Wired Poles Double Crossbar1:48Arrived
O Transformer Connect SetWUS2282O Transformer Connect Set1:48Arrived
O SubstationWUS2283O Substation1:48Arrived

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KEY: DS or SF suffix = DCC Sound Factory Fitted | DC suffix = DCC Decoder Factory Fitted | [W] suffix = Weathered finish | [PF] suffix = Passenger Figures Fitted | [L] suffix = Supplied with a Wagon Load

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