Terrain System Moulds, Plaster cloth and plaster products
The Terrain System includes all the products you need to model realistic terrain. These products all work together to make it easy to build any type of terrain for your layout, displays and other projects. Model any rock from anywhere. Cast or carve your own; install ready-to-go, hand-painted rock; and pile debris under rock faces and along road cuts. Our fantastic ShaperSheet is a strong, pliable sheet that holds it form without understructureand can be shaped and reshaped to create any level of detail. Itmechanically bonds with plaster to create a hard shell. Tunnel Portals, Retaining Walls, Culverts, and Roads reinforce natural terrain contours and add functionality, realism and interest to your layout. The high-density castings are detailed realistically, colored easily with Earth Colors™ Liquid Pigment.

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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
N Cut Stone Retaining Wall Concrete (x6)WC1159N Cut Stone Retaining Wall Concrete (x6)1:160Arrived
N Timber Retaining Wall Concrete (x6)WC1160N Timber Retaining Wall Concrete (x6)1:160Arrived
N Random Stone Retaining Wall Concrete (x6)WC1161N Random Stone Retaining Wall Concrete (x6)1:160Arrived
N Concrete Culvert (x2)WC1162N Concrete Culvert (x2)1:160Arrived
N Masonry Arch Culvert (x2)WC1163N Masonry Arch Culvert (x2)1:160Arrived
N Random Stone Culvert (x2)WC1164N Random Stone Culvert (x2)1:160Arrived
N Timber Culvert (x2)WC1165N Timber Culvert (x2)1:160Arrived
Sticky Spots™WC1167Sticky Spots™MiscArrived
2" Support Panels (x2)WC11722" Support Panels (x2)MiscArrived
4" Support Panels (x4)WC11734" Support Panels (x4)MiscArrived

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