We are exclusive UK distributors for most of the brands that we import and supply direct to the model trade. We source models and accessories from manufacturers all over the world, covering a diverse range of subject matter and scales. Our aim is to provide high quality kits at outstanding value to inspire and fulfil the needs of current and future generations of modellers who choose to take up this fantastic hobby!

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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
Fruehauf Flatbed TrailerPKAMT1399Fruehauf Flatbed Trailer1:25Arrived
1970 Dodge Challenger (USPS)PKAMT14011970 Dodge Challenger (USPS)1:25Arrived
1965 Pontiac GTO HardtopPKAMT1410M1965 Pontiac GTO Hardtop1:25Arrived
1963 Ford F-100 Camper PickupPKAMT14121963 Ford F-100 Camper Pickup1:25Arrived
1950 Ford Convertible Street Rods EditionPKAMT14131950 Ford Convertible Street Rods Edition1:25Arrived
Star Trek The Original Series Klingon Battle CruiserPKAMT1428Star Trek The Original Series Klingon Battle Cruiser1:650Arrived
1961 Ford Galaxie HardtopPKAMT14301961 Ford Galaxie Hardtop1:25Arrived
1966 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 HardtopPKAMT1432M1966 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 Hardtop1:25Arrived
1968 Shelby GT-500PKAMT634M1968 Shelby GT-5001:25Arrived
1978 Ford Pickup "Firestone Super Stones"PKAMT8581978 Ford Pickup "Firestone Super Stones"1:25Arrived
1951 Chevy Bel AirPKAMT8621951 Chevy Bel Air1:25Arrived
1953 Ford Pickup TruckPKAMT8821953 Ford Pickup Truck1:25Arrived
Garage Accessory Set #1 Weekend Wrenchin'PKAMTPP015MGarage Accessory Set #1 Weekend Wrenchin'1:25Arrived
Garage Accessory Set #2 Tip Top ShopPKAMTPP016MGarage Accessory Set #2 Tip Top Shop1:25Arrived
SH-3A Sea King (x2)PKAR14405SH-3A Sea King (x2)1:144Arrived
F4U-1/1A/1C/1D (x2)PKAR14406F4U-1/1A/1C/1D (x2)1:144Arrived
Vought F4U Corsair Folding Wing Position (x2)PKAR14408Vought F4U Corsair Folding Wing Position (x2)1:144Arrived
P-40N CACW 14th Air ForcePKAR144S02P-40N CACW 14th Air Force1:144Arrived
P-40M USAAFPKAR144S03P-40M USAAF1:144Arrived
P-40E USAAFPKAR144S04P-40E USAAF1:144Arrived
F-5E Tiger II (Shark Nose)PKAR48101F-5E Tiger II (Shark Nose)1:48Arrived
F-5F Tiger II VFC-111 Sundowners 'Shark Nose'PKAR48103F-5F Tiger II VFC-111 Sundowners 'Shark Nose'1:48Arrived
US Air-to-Ground Weaponry Set [A]PKAR48107US Air-to-Ground Weaponry Set [A]1:48
IDF F-CK-1C (Single Seat)PKAR48108IDF F-CK-1C (Single Seat)1:48Arrived
Lockheed U-2A Dragon LadyPKAR48112Lockheed U-2A Dragon Lady1:48Arrived
USAF U-2D 2-seat IR Sensor-carried versionPKAR48113USAF U-2D 2-seat IR Sensor-carried version1:48Arrived
Lockheed U-2C Dragon Lady RoCAF Black CatPKAR48114Lockheed U-2C Dragon Lady RoCAF Black Cat1:48Arrived
F-5E Tiger III Chilean & Morocco Air ForcesPKAR48S02F-5E Tiger III Chilean & Morocco Air Forces1:48Arrived
F-5E Swiss & Austrian Air ForcesPKAR48S06F-5E Swiss & Austrian Air Forces1:48Arrived
RF-5S Tigereye Singapore Air ForcePKAR48S08RF-5S Tigereye Singapore Air Force1:48Arrived
MiG-28 & US Navy F-5E Air-RaiderPKAR48S09MiG-28 & US Navy F-5E Air-Raider1:48Arrived
Yemen/Taiwan F-5E "Peace Bell Program"PKAR48S10Yemen/Taiwan F-5E "Peace Bell Program"1:48Arrived
2023 Academy CataloguePKAY000232023 Academy CatalogueMiscArrived
F-16I Israeli 'Sufa' (Storm)PKAY12105F-16I Israeli 'Sufa' (Storm)1:32Arrived
Sopwith Camel F.1PKAY12109Sopwith Camel F.11:32Arrived
UH-60L Black HawkPKAY12111UH-60L Black Hawk1:35Arrived
US Army UH-1C Frog (Huey)PKAY12112US Army UH-1C Frog (Huey)1:35Arrived
AH-60L DAPPKAY12115AH-60L DAP1:35Arrived
USMC AH-1W NTS Update (Super Cobra Special)PKAY12116USMC AH-1W NTS Update (Super Cobra Special)1:35Arrived
RQ-7B Shadow UAVPKAY12117RQ-7B Shadow UAV1:35Arrived
MH-60S US Navy HSC-9 'Tridents'PKAY12120MH-60S US Navy HSC-9 'Tridents'1:35Arrived
USMC AH-1Z Shark MouthPKAY12127USMC AH-1Z Shark Mouth1:35Arrived
AH-64A ANG 'South Carolina'PKAY12129AH-64A ANG 'South Carolina'1:35Arrived
USAF F-4E "Vietnam War" PhantomPKAY12133USAF F-4E "Vietnam War" Phantom1:32Arrived
P-38F 'Glacier Girl'PKAY12208P-38F 'Glacier Girl'1:48Arrived
F-4B Phantom VF-111 SundownersPKAY12232F-4B Phantom VF-111 Sundowners1:48Arrived
F-86F "The Huff"PKAY12234F-86F "The Huff"1:48Arrived
P-40C Tomahawk IIb "African Ace"PKAY12235P-40C Tomahawk IIb "African Ace"1:48Arrived

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