We are exclusive UK distributors for most of the brands that we import and supply direct to the model trade. We source models and accessories from manufacturers all over the world, covering a diverse range of subject matter and scales. Our aim is to provide high quality kits at outstanding value to inspire and fulfil the needs of current and future generations of modellers who choose to take up this fantastic hobby!

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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
Admiral Graf SpeePKAY14103Admiral Graf Spee1:350Arrived
HMS 'Warspite' Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship 1943PKAY14105HMS 'Warspite' Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship 19431:350Arrived
USS Indianapolis CA-35PKAY14107USS Indianapolis CA-351:350Arrived
Cutty SarkPKAY14110Cutty Sark1:350Arrived
New Bedford WhalerPKAY14204New Bedford Whaler1:200Arrived
Roman WarshipPKAY14207Roman Warship1:250Arrived
USS Kitty Hawk CV-63PKAY14210USS Kitty Hawk CV-631:800Arrived
USS EisenhowerPKAY14212USS Eisenhower1:800Arrived
USS NimitzPKAY14213USS Nimitz1:800Arrived
RMS Titanic CentenaryPKAY14214RMS Titanic Centenary1:700Arrived
The White Star Liner TitanicPKAY14215The White Star Liner Titanic1:400Arrived
ROKS Dokdo (LPH-6111) Amphibious Assault ShipPKAY14216ROKS Dokdo (LPH-6111) Amphibious Assault Ship1:700Arrived
R.M.S. TitanicPKAY14217R.M.S. Titanic1:1000Arrived
R.M.S. Titanic + LED setPKAY14220R.M.S. Titanic + LED set1:700Arrived
USS Missouri BB-63 MCPPKAY14222USS Missouri BB-63 MCP1:700Arrived
USS Missouri BB-63 Modeller's EditionPKAY14223USS Missouri BB-63 Modeller's Edition1:700Arrived
USS Enterprise CV-6 Modeller's EditionPKAY14224USS Enterprise CV-6 Modeller's Edition1:700Arrived
USS Yorktown CV-5 "Battle of Midway"PKAY14229USS Yorktown CV-5 "Battle of Midway"1:700Arrived
USS Missouri BB-63PKAY14401USS Missouri BB-631:400Arrived
USS Enterprise CV-6 "Battle of Midway"PKAY14409USS Enterprise CV-6 "Battle of Midway"1:700Arrived
Aero Display StandPKAY15065Aero Display StandMiscArrived
Hyundai Santa Fe TMPKAY15135Hyundai Santa Fe TM1:24Arrived
Hyundai PonyPKAY15137Hyundai Pony1:24Arrived
Hyundai Porter II Box Truck, c.2004-presentPKAY15145Hyundai Porter II Box Truck, c.2004-present1:24Arrived
Kia Brisa 4-door saloon car, c.1974-81PKAY15617Kia Brisa 4-door saloon car, c.1974-811:24Arrived
Da Vinci Self-Propelling CartPKAY18129Da Vinci Self-Propelling CartMiscArrived
Da Vinci Paddle BoatPKAY18130Da Vinci Paddle BoatMiscArrived
Pumping EnginePKAY18131Pumping EngineMiscArrived
Trevithick's First Steam LocomotivePKAY18133Trevithick's First Steam LocomotiveMiscArrived
Da Vinci Armoured CarPKAY18136Da Vinci Armoured CarMiscArrived
Da Vinci CatapultPKAY18137Da Vinci CatapultMiscArrived
Da Vinci Mechanical DrumPKAY18138Da Vinci Mechanical DrumMiscArrived
Da Vinci SpingardePKAY18142Da Vinci SpingardeMiscArrived
Da Vinci Flying MachinePKAY18146Da Vinci Flying MachineMiscArrived
Da Vinci ClockPKAY18150Da Vinci ClockMiscArrived
Da Vinci Arch Self-supporting BridgePKAY18153Da Vinci Arch Self-supporting BridgeMiscArrived
Da Vinci Pendulum ClockPKAY18157Da Vinci Pendulum ClockMiscArrived
Da Vinci HelicopterPKAY18159Da Vinci HelicopterMiscArrived
Da Vinci Rolling Ball TimerPKAY18174Da Vinci Rolling Ball TimerMiscArrived
Da Vinci Leverage CranePKAY18175Da Vinci Leverage CraneMiscArrived
Da Vinci G.E.T. ClockPKAY18185Da Vinci G.E.T. ClockMiscArrived
Anatra Anasal DS WWI Russian BiplanePKEM1002Anatra Anasal DS WWI Russian Biplane1:72Arrived
LaGG-3 WWII Russian FighterPKEM2002LaGG-3 WWII Russian Fighter1:72Arrived
Yak-3 Soviet WWII FighterPKEM2003Yak-3 Soviet WWII Fighter1:72Arrived
Bedford O Series LWB Dropside TruckPKEM2401Bedford O Series LWB Dropside Truck1:24Arrived
Bedford O Series SWB Tipper TruckPKEM2402Bedford O Series SWB Tipper Truck1:24Arrived
Bedford O Series LWB TankerPKEM2403Bedford O Series LWB Tanker1:24Arrived
Bedford O Series SWB Recovery TruckPKEM2404Bedford O Series SWB Recovery Truck1:24Arrived

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