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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
A-7E Corsair IIPKTM02231A-7E Corsair II1:32Arrived
F-100D Super SabrePKTM02232F-100D Super Sabre1:32Arrived
TBF-1C AvengerPKTM02233TBF-1C Avenger1:32Arrived
TBM-3 AvengerPKTM02234TBM-3 Avenger1:32Arrived
Me 262A-1aPKTM02235Me 262A-1a1:32Arrived
Me 262A-2aPKTM02236Me 262A-2a1:32Awaiting
Me 262B-1a/U1PKTM02237Me 262B-1a/U11:32Arrived
MiG-29M FulcrumPKTM02238MiG-29M Fulcrum1:32Arrived
MiG-29K 'Fulcrum'PKTM02239MiG-29K 'Fulcrum'1:32Arrived
Nanchang CJ-6PKTM02240Nanchang CJ-61:32Arrived
SBD-1/2 Dauntless US NavyPKTM02241SBD-1/2 Dauntless US Navy1:32Arrived
SBD-3/4 Dauntless US NavyPKTM02242SBD-3/4 Dauntless US Navy1:32Arrived
SBD-5/A-24B Dauntless US NavyPKTM02243SBD-5/A-24B Dauntless US Navy1:32Arrived
SBD-3 Dauntless US Navy MidwayPKTM02244SBD-3 Dauntless US Navy Midway1:32Arrived
A-7D Corsair IIPKTM02245A-7D Corsair II1:32Arrived
F-100F Super SabrePKTM02246F-100F Super Sabre1:32Arrived
F8F-1 Grumman BearcatPKTM02247F8F-1 Grumman Bearcat1:32Awaiting
F8F-2 Grumman BearcatPKTM02248F8F-2 Grumman Bearcat1:32Awaiting
A-6A IntruderPKTM02249A-6A Intruder1:32Arrived
A-6E/TRAM IntruderPKTM02250A-6E/TRAM Intruder1:32Arrived
A-1D AD-4 SkyraiderPKTM02252A-1D AD-4 Skyraider1:32Arrived
A-1H AD-6 SkyraiderPKTM02253A-1H AD-6 Skyraider1:32Arrived
A-1J AD-7 SkyraiderPKTM02254A-1J AD-7 Skyraider1:32Arrived
F4F-3 Grumman Wildcat (Early)PKTM02255F4F-3 Grumman Wildcat (Early)1:32Arrived
F6F-3 Grumman HellcatPKTM02256F6F-3 Grumman Hellcat1:32Arrived

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KEY: DS or SF suffix = DCC Sound Factory Fitted | DC suffix = DCC Decoder Factory Fitted | [W] suffix = Weathered finish | [PF] suffix = Passenger Figures Fitted | [L] suffix = Supplied with a Wagon Load

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