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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
PKAF35031PKAF35031M40 S.P. Gun1:35Arrived
PKAF35032PKAF35032M4 Sherman HVSS Track (T80)1:35Arrived
PKAF35033PKAF35033M4 Sherman HVSS Track (T84)1:35Arrived
PKAF35034PKAF35034M35A1 Vietnam Gun Truck1:35Awaiting
PKAF35035PKAF35035Cal .30/.50 40mm Ammo Box1:35Arrived
PKAF35036PKAF35036T80E1 Track1:35Arrived
PKAF35037PKAF35037T84E1 Track1:35Arrived
PKAF35038PKAF35038T48 Track (for Sherman V.V.S.S)1:35Arrived
PKAF35039 Achilles MK.IIc. British 17 Pounder Anti-Tank Self Propelled GunPKAF35039Achilles Mk IIc1:35Arrived
PKAF35040 SdKfz 11 3-Ton Half-trackPKAF35040SdKfz 11 3-Ton Half-track1:35Arrived
PKAF35041PKAF35041M41A3 Walker Bulldog Light Tank1:35Arrived
PKAF35042PKAF35042M42 Duster1:35Arrived
PKAF35044PKAF35044SdKfz 251 Workable Track1:35Arrived
PKAF35046PKAF35046M41 Workable Track1:35Arrived
PKAF35047PKAF35047SdKfz 11 3-Ton Half-track (Late)1:35Arrived
PKAF35050PKAF35050leFH18 10.5cm Howitzer1:35Arrived
PKAF35052 M41 Walker Bulldog T91E3 TrackPKAF35052M41 Walker Bulldog T91E3 Track1:35Awaiting
PKAF35053PKAF35053M3A3 Stuart Light Tank1:35Arrived
PKAF35054PKAF35054M24 Chaffee Light Tank US Army & bonus figure1:35Arrived
PKAF35056PKAF35056M3 Stuart V.V.S.S.1:35Arrived
PKAF35057PKAF35057T66 Track-79 M4 HVSS1:35Arrived
PKAF35058PKAF35058M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer1:35Arrived
PKAF35059PKAF35059PaK43/41 88mm AT Gun1:35Arrived
PKAF35060PKAF35060M60A1 Patton Main Battle Tank1:35Arrived
PKAF35061PKAF35061T36E6 Track1:35Arrived

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