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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
B23065B230651916-17 British Infantry Standing Firing Over Parapet1:30Awaiting
B23066B230661914 British Infantry Marching with Full Kit №11:30Arrived
B23067B230671914 British Infantry Marching Waving Cap1:30Arrived
B23068B230681914 British Infantry with Souvenir German Helmet1:30Arrived
B23071B230711916-17 British Infantry Standing Smoking1:30Arrived
B23072B23072"Life in the Trenches" - 5 Piece Set1:30Arrived
B23073B23073"Move Up" - 2 piece Set1:30Arrived
B23074B230741916-17 British Infantry Standing On Watch1:30Awaiting
B23075B230751916-18 British Infantry Officer Standing with Walking Stick1:30Arrived
B23077B230771916-17 British Infantry Marching №11:30Arrived
B23078B230781914 British 13-Pound Gun RHA Crew - 7 Piece Ltd. Ed. 5001:30Awaiting
B23079B230791916-18 German Casualty №11:30Arrived
B23080B230801916-18 German Infantry Walking Wounded №11:30Arrived
B23081B23081"Prisoners and Wounded to The Rear" - 2 Piece Set1:30Arrived
B23082B230821914 German Standing with Pipe1:30Awaiting
B23083B230831916-18 German 170 cm Minenwerfer Infantry - 11 Piece Set1:30Arrived
B23084B230841914 British Infantry Pushing Bicycle - 2 Piece Set1:30Arrived
B23085B230851916-17 British Infantry Pushing Bicycle №1 - 2 Piece Set1:30Arrived
B23087B230871916-18 German Infantry Officer Standing with Hands Clasped1:30Arrived
B23088B23088"A Friendly Game" - 1914 Christmas Truce Soccer Set №1
B23089B230891916-18 German Infantry Advancing with Ammo Box №11:30Arrived
B23090B23090"Forward" 1916-18 German Infantry 2 Piece Set1:30Arrived
B23091B230911917-18 U.S. Infantry Standing Reaching for Cartridge1:30Arrived
B23092B230921916-18 German Infantryman Approaching with Caution1:30Arrived
B23093B230931916-18 German Infantry Marching №11:30Arrived

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