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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
B20186B2018624th Foot Kneeling Loading1:30Awaiting
B20187B2018724th Foot Standing Firing1:30Awaiting
B20188B2018824th Foot Kneeling Firing in Shirtsleeves1:30Awaiting
B20189B20189Here They Come 24th Foot Yelling and Pointing1:30Awaiting
"Getting A Little Close!" 24th Foot Officer LE 400 SetsB20190"Getting A Little Close!" 24th Foot Officer LE 400 Sets1:30Arrived
B20192H4B20192"A Determined Attack!" Zulu & 24th Foot from High Position LE 450 Sets1:30Arrived
Zulu Thrusting with Spear uThulwana RegimentB20195Zulu Thrusting with Spear uThulwana Regiment1:30Arrived
Zulu Attacking Low with Spear uThulwana RegimentB20196Zulu Attacking Low with Spear uThulwana Regiment1:30Arrived
Zulu Attacking with AxeB20197Zulu Attacking with Axe1:30Arrived
Zulu Defending with Spear uDloko RegimentB20198Zulu Defending with Spear uDloko Regiment1:30Arrived
B23008B230081916-18 German Infantry Advancing Firing1:30Arrived
B23009B230091916-18 German Infantry Kneeling Firing1:30Arrived
B23047B230471916 British Infantry Standing Firing on the Move №11:30Arrived
B23051B230511916 British Infantry With a Cup of Tea1:30Arrived
B23053B230531916-18 German Infantry Throwing Grenade №21:30Arrived
B23054B230541916-18 German 210 mm Howitzer & Crew - Ltd. Ed. 4001:30Awaiting
B23055B230551916-18 German Infantry Pulling Grenade Primer1:30Arrived
B23056B230561916-18 German Infantry Running with Grenade Bags №11:30Arrived
B23057B230571916-18 German Infantry Advancing №21:30Arrived
B23058B230581916-18 German Infantry Pioneer Running1:30Arrived
B23059B23059"The Veteran's Farewell" - 2 Piece Set1:30Arrived
B23060B23060"Hanging On The Old Barbed Wire" - 2 Piece Set1:30Awaiting
B23062B230621916-18 British Lancer Mounted №1 - 2 Piece Set1:30Arrived
B23063B230631916-18 British Lancer Feeding Horse - 2 Piece Set1:30Arrived
B23064B230641916-17 British Infantry Walking with Rations1:30Awaiting

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