U.S. Marine Officer, 1806-18B13066 U.S. Marine Officer, 1806-18U.S. Marine Officer, 1806-18U.S. Marine Officer, 1806-18
B13066 U.S. Marine Officer, 1806-18
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U.S. Marine Officer, 1806-18


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U.S. Marine Officer, 1806-18.

Much more is known about the dress of U.S. Marine officers of this period than of the enlisted men. Although only a few enlisted men were sketched or painted, several excellent officer portraits confirm the written descriptions of the time. Blue full-length coats with red facings and gold trim and buttons were called out in the regulations, but minor variations in the details of decoration were not unusual. Unlike the enlisted men, all of the officer’s dress was privately purchased from tailors, hatters, and suppliers of military ornaments. Although boots were fashionable dress for officers in this period, low quarter shoes would be just as acceptable.

1/30 scale matte finish 1 piece set.

The Jack Tars & Leathernecks Collection from W. Britain.

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