U.S. Marine, Banana Wars, 1928-29B13056 U.S. Marine, Banana Wars, 1928-29U.S. Marine, Banana Wars, 1928-29U.S. Marine, Banana Wars, 1928-29
B13056 U.S. Marine, Banana Wars, 1928-29
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U.S. Marine, Banana Wars, 1928-29


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U.S. Marine, Banana Wars, 1928-29.

The Banana Wars were a series of armed conflicts over the U.S. interests in Central America. After defeat in the Spanish/American War, 1898, Spain relinquished claim of her Caribbean holdings. Following this, the United States proceeded to conduct military interventions in most of Central America in an extrapolation of manifest destiny. Ostensibly to reign in “warring tropical countries, lawless societies, and corrupt politicians” but also to secure the sugar and fruit trade for private U.S. companies. Because of the high degree of control these fruit companies held over the Central American countries, the term “banana republics” came into use. The armed intrusions were primarily carried out by the United States Marine Corps – this Marine is firing his Thompson Sub Machine Gun with spare drum magazines on his hips.

1/30 scale matte finish 1 piece set.

The Jack Tars & Leathernecks Collection from W. Britain.

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