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Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie 'Merddin Emrys' FR Lined Green391-100SF Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie 391-100SF Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie 391-100SF Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie 391-100SF Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie 391-100SF Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie 391-100SF Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie 391-100SF Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie 391-100SF Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie
391-100SF Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie
391-100SF Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie
391-100SF Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie
391-100SF Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie
391-100SF Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie
391-100SF Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie
391-100SF Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie
391-100SF Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie

Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie 'Merddin Emrys' FR Lined Green


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Unveiled as part of our Winter 2021 British Railway Announcements, we are delighted to present the Ffestiniog Railway Double Fairlie Locomotive as part of the award winning Bachmann Narrow Gauge Range. Sure to delight OO9 scale modellers, this version is finished as No. 10 ‘Merddin Emrys’ in Ffestiniog Railway Lined Green livery with SOUND FITTED.

The Bachmann Narrow Gauge Double Fairlie locomotive follows in the footsteps of the award winning Baldwin 10-12-D, Bachmann Narrow Gauge’s first OO9 scale locomotive which was released to great acclaim in 2018. Synonymous with the Ffestiniog Railway, the Double Fairlie is an icon of the Narrow Gauge world and this instantly recognisable locomotive is now available in OO9 scale for the first time. The Bachmann Narrow Gauge model incorporates a high level of detail, with tooling designed to accommodate the detail variants seen on the real locomotives in order to produce a model of the highest fidelity, which is brought to life by the exquisite livery application that combines Ffestiniog Railway-specification colours with authentic lining, crests and plates.

The precision moulded bodies are adorned with numerous individual components, including the real brass handrails and the metal tank filler cap rings, along with fine mouldings for parts such as the steam fountain, cab controls and tallow cups. The mechanism is similarly impressive with a twin shaft coreless motor, fitted with twin flywheels, driving both bogies, all-wheel electrical pick up and separate metal bearings fitted to each axle. Suitable for use on DCC or analogue control straight out of the box, this SOUND FITTED model will take your enjoyment to the next level with its authentic sound effects which only enhance the model’s good looks!

  • Bachmann Narrow Gauge OO9 Scale
  • Era 2
  • Pristine Ffestiniog Railway Lined Green livery
  • Running No. 10
  • Named ‘Merddin Emrys’
  • Etched Nameplates included
  • SOUND FITTED - Fitted with a Zimo MX659N18 DCC Sound Decoder – See below for the function list
  • Length 123mm


  • Short Side Tanks
  • Long Belly Tank
  • Open Top Cab with Small Cut Out
  • Large Windows
  • Separate Handrails on Front/Sides of Smokebox
  • Smokebox Door Handle
  • Square Sandboxes (Uphill End Only)
  • Stovepipe Chimney


  • Coreless, twin shaft motor with two flywheels providing drive to both bogies
  • Electrical pickup from all wheels
  • Separate metal bearings fitted to each axle
  • Diecast metal running plate
  • Diecast metal chassis block and bogie towers
  • Diecast metal gearboxes, with gearing arranged for prototypical running speeds and haulage capabilities
  • 9mm (OO9 narrow gauge) wheels to NEM310 standards with authentic profile and detailing
  • Coupling pockets to NEM355 standards fitted to each bogie, into which a standard OO9 coupling hook assembly is fitted
  • Designed to operate on curves of first radius (228.6mm) or greater


  • Highly detailed and decorated cab interior including separately fitted regulators and gauge frames
  • Separately applied details including Tallow Cup Lubricators, Steam Fountain, Sand Pots with turned brass detail (where applicable), Smokebox Dart/Wheel, Vacuum Pipework (where applicable), Brass Handrails and metal Tank Filler Cap Rings.
  • Each model supplied with a set of authentically decorated etched name plates


  • Next18 DCC decoder interface
  • Easy-access DCC decoder socket located behind removable panel on underside of model


  • Speaker installed in all models for optimum sound reproduction
  • Zimo MX659N18 DCC Sound Decoder fitted to SOUND FITTED versions
  • Sound files produced specifically for the Bachmann Narrow Gauge Double Fairlie using recordings from real locomotives
  • SOUND FITTED models operate on DCC and Analogue control as supplied


  • Authentic liveries applied to all models
  • Multiple paint applications employed on each model using Ffestiniog Railway specification colours
  • Logos, numerals and text added as appropriate using multi-stage tampo printing incorporating authentic typefaces, logos, crests and colours



F1 - Sound - On/Off

F2 - Brake

F3 - Cylinder Drain Cocks

F4 - Bell Whistle (Speed Related)

F5 - Reverser

F6 - Shovelling Coal

F7 - Injectors

F8 - Alternative Bell Whistle (Speed Related)

F9 - Flange Squeal (Speed Related)

F10 - Speed Lock

F11 - Hand Brake (Functional)

F12 - Water Tank Filling

F13 - Coupling Clank

F14 - Light Engine Mode

F15 - Fade All Sounds

F16 - Guard's Whistle

F17 - Enable Auto Wagon Buffering

F18 - Chime Whistles (Speed Related)

F19 - Stainer Hooter (Speed Related)

F20 - Shunting Mode

F21 - Safety Valves Lifted

F22 - Blower

F23 - 'Right o’ way’

F24 - 'Clear to set back’

F25 - Volume Down

F26 - Volume Up

Analogue Users: Please note that normal load running sounds, acceleration steam chuff sounds and any other automatic and randomised sounds will also operate when this model is used on analogue control (DC) straight from the box!



The iconic Double Fairlie uses the design of Scottish engineer Robert F. Fairlie which was patented in 1864. The design employs a single boiler carried above a pair of independently controlled pivoting power bogies. The benefits of this design allowed a large locomotive to be built that operates equally effectively in forward and reverse, one which could navigate sharp curves or undulating track unlike rigid wheelbase locomotives and could utilise all its weight for traction – not wasting any on carrying wheels or tenders.

The first Double Fairlie built for the Ffestiniog Railway was completed by George England & Co. of London in 1869. Named ‘Little Wonder’, the locomotive was essentially a pair of 0-4-0 Ffestiniog ‘England’ chassis pivoting under a combined boiler. The success of this locomotive in trials on the Ffestiniog Railway showcased the potential of steam powered narrow gauge railways to a worldwide audience and began a long running association of the Fairlie locomotive and the Ffestiniog Railway that can still be seen today. ‘Little Wonder’ generated so much publicity for Fairlie that in return, he granted the Ffestiniog Railway with unrestricted use of his patented design.

A second Double Fairlie locomotive was commissioned for the Ffestiniog Railway, learning lessons from ‘Little Wonder’, and ‘James Spooner’ was completed by the Avonside Engine Company of Bristol in 1872.

The first Double Fairlie to be built at the railway’s own workshops at Boston Lodge was to be named ‘Merddin Emrys’ after the legendry Welsh Wizard. The order was placed for the frames in 1877 and an erecting shop was built especially for the construction of the loco. It emerged in 1879 and contained many of the features of the Double Fairlie that we all associate the railway with today. ‘Livingston Thompson’ was next to be outshopped by Boston Lodge in 1886, and then followed a 93 year wait for the next, ‘Earl of Merioneth’, which was built in 1979. With limited funds available, ‘Earl of Merioneth’ was finished with a somewhat economical appearance and quickly gained the nickname ‘The Square’ amongst enthusiasts.

‘David Lloyd George’ is the most recent Double Fairlie to be completed, emerging from Boston Lodge in 1992, and all four engines built in-house by the Ffestiniog Railway remain extant. As of 2021 ‘Merddin Emrys’ and ‘David Lloyd George’ are in traffic, ‘Livingston Thompson’ can be found on display in the National Railway Museum, York, and ‘Earl of Merioneth’ is in long term storage. A new locomotive, to be named ‘James Spooner’, is currently under construction and will be the fifth Double Fairlie to be outshopped from the Ffestiniog Railway’s own Boston Lodge works once construction is completed.

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