Branchline Class 37 No. 37025 ‘Inverness TMD’ BR Blue Large Logo SOUND FITTED 32-780RJDS


Class 37 No. 37025 ‘Inverness TMD’ BR Blue Large Logo SOUND FITTED


Built by English Electric’s Vulcan foundry as No. D6725 in 1961 it was first allocated to Stratford, the
loco had stints at March and Thornaby until TOPS renumbering as No. 37025 in February 1974 after
being repainted into BR blue.The loco continued to serve the Eastern region until mid-1981 when it was transferred to Glasgow Eastfield until another change saw it allocated to Inverness where it gained RETB and a headlamp to work the Highland lines. It gained large logo blue livery in December 1983 at it’s last BR overhaul and carried on serving the Highlands under all three depots, Eastfield, Inverness and Motherwell until the end of British Rail and Regional Railways, retaining it’s now somewhat celebrity large logo livery. In March 1994 it was named ‘Inverness TMD-Quality Approved’ and gained a fresh coat of large logo, including a very odd looking hand painted BR logo!

The misshapen arrows were painted out by 1996 in an attempt to eradicate traces of BR (or the bad painting!) but amazingly it kept large logo livery right through Transrail and EWS ownership up until withdrawal in February 1999 in ‘the great EWS cull’ of older locomotives. No. 37025 is possibly the most famous large logo class 37, carrying the livery since 1983. Happily, it is still with us today, being secured for preservation at Bo’ness thanks to The Scottish 37 Group and has been restored to better than its former glory, reunited with its ‘Inverness TMD’ nameplates in 2007. 37025 was re-registered for full mainline use in January 2016 and can be seen today across the network powering test trains for Colas rail. It is in this present condition that we have chosen to represent our model.

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