Class 37/4 37416 ‘Mt Fuji’ BR InterCity (Mainline) 32-389TL


Class 37/4 37416 ‘Mt Fuji’ BR InterCity (Mainline) –


The Electric Train Supply equipped Class 37/4 sub-class gained an enthusiastic following after its creation in the mid 1980s, specifically to haul passenger trains on secondary lines in Scotland and Wales.  Bachmann’s model of 37416 represents the locomotive after its repaint into InterCity (Mainline) livery and receipt of the unofficial ‘Mt Fuji’ name in 1993, by which time it was owned by the freight sector.  

It ran for several years as ‘Mt Fuji’, on stone trains from Buxton whilst outbased from Tinsley, and china clay traffic from St Blazey as a Laira allocated locomotive.  Later passing from EW&S to DRS ownership, the prototype was withdrawn in 2012 and later scrapped.

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