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Over 140 pcs Pre-Cut Cork Beds (+40 Meters)

Over 140 pcs Pre-Cut Cork Beds (+40 Meters)


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Over 40 meters of HO/OO pre-cut cork beds for UK geometry tracks such as Hornby, Peco Setrack and Branchline. A revolutionary, easy way to apply track beds to your layout. All cork-beds are numbered similar to Hornby and Branchline codes. If you have a Hornby curve track R8261 or R8262, you need CB8261-2. If you have a Branchline 36-877 or 36-878 Express Point you need CB8077-8. Peco Setrack codes are different but equivelant. For example, if you have Peco Setrack ST-231 "Third Radius Double Curve (505mm radius)" you need CB-608-9.
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