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LNER V3 Tank 67690 BR Lined Black (Early Emblem)

LNER V3 Tank 67690 BR Lined Black (Early Emblem)


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V3 Tank 67690 BR Lined Black Early Emblem


Built: 1939 – 1940

Built for: LNER

Designed by: Sir Nigel Gresley

Duties: passenger

Wheels: 2-6-2T



• Upgraded chassis with improved mechanism

• ‘Next18’ DCC decoder interface

• Accurate representation of motion and valve gear

• Sprung buffers



The LNER Class V1 and V3 were two classes of 2-6-2T steam locomotives designed by Sir Nigel Gresley.  Eighty-two V1s were built, 71 being rebuilt into the V3s. An additional ten were built as V3s from the final batch of V1s. Developing the V3 from the V1 gave it an increased boiler pressure and thus increased its tractive effort. During the Second World War, a number were transferred to help with heavy wartime loads from the Royal Ordnance Factory at Thorp Arch near Wetherby until the end of the war.


The V1 and V3s were hard working engines suited to the suburban workings. The withdrawal of both classes began in 1960, the V1s by 1962 and the V3s by 1964. None of either class survived to be preserved.

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