Branchline OO Scale Coaches

OO Scale Branchline Coaches

Passenger coaching stock has continually developed to offer greater standards of comfort and safety to the travelling public, as well as catering for the evolving needs of the railway operating companies. No matter in what historical period your modelling interest lies, we will be sure to have something appropriate to provide passenger accommodation on your layout.

From the pre-grouping era, we have the exquisitely detailed SECR Birdcage coaches with their craftsman-built wooden panelled sides and elegantly lined Dark Crimson livery. These passed into Southern Railway ownership in the 1923 grouping of Britain’s railways and survived right up to the 1950’s with British Railways. O. V. Bulleid’s appointment as Chief Mechanical Engineer of the Southern Railway saw new designs in coaching stock. Our completely new range of his 1946 design, feature both the 10” and 15” window vents variants and will be available in Southern Railway Malachite green, BR crimson and cream and BR (SR) green liveries. The inter-war years of coach development is also represented by the “Porthole” stock designed by William Stanier and the Edward Thompson designed steel-bodied coaches available in the LNER’s very distinctive “faux teak” paint finish.

Many elements from the “Big Four” companies coach designs were to be incorporated in British Railways “Mark 1” standardised design of coaching stock for the national network in the early 1950’s. This design was constructed up to 1963 and was still in main-line use up to the 1990’s, so they were seen in a huge variety of liveries all over the country. You can find Mk1 coaches in over a dozen different liveries in the following pages showing just how ubiquitous they were.

Improved safety and comfort developments were to be seen in BR’s “Mark 2” designs of the late 1960’s and 1970’s. Our Mk2A vehicles feature air-braking underframe equipment and their distinctive green gangway doors. Our Mk2F range of coaches pushes the standards of OO coaching stock to new heights. The previously un-tapped potential that DCC operation offers has been incorporated in the lighting features of these stunning coaches. Make sure you see the full story of the development and features of these superb models on pages 4 and 5 of the Branchline 2018 Catalogue.

As well as carrying millions of passengers every year, our railways have also utilised many different designs of Non-Passenger Carrying Coaching Stock (NPCCS) for parcels traffic, Postal services, additional luggage capacity, Departmental transport and Inspection duties, to name but a few – all covered by our award-winning range in the following pages.

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