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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
PzKpfw VIII MausPKTM09541PzKpfw VIII Maus1:35Arrived
Stug E-100PKTM09542Stug E-1001:35Arrived
E-100 Heavy Tank Krupp TurretPKTM09543E-100 Heavy Tank Krupp Turret1:35Arrived
Russian KV-3 Heavy TankPKTM09544Russian KV-3 Heavy Tank1:35Arrived
2P16 Launcher with 2K6 Luna Missile (FROG-5)PKTM095452P16 Launcher with 2K6 Luna Missile (FROG-5)1:35Arrived
T-72A MBT Mod 1979PKTM09546T-72A MBT Mod 19791:35Arrived
T-72A MBT Mod 1983PKTM09547T-72A MBT Mod 19831:35Arrived
T-72A MBT Mod 1985PKTM09548T-72A MBT Mod 19851:35Arrived
Russian BMO-T HAPCPKTM09549Russian BMO-T HAPC1:35Arrived
Russian 5V28 SAM & 5P72 Launcher (SAM-5 Gammon)PKTM09550Russian 5V28 SAM & 5P72 Launcher (SAM-5 Gammon)1:35Arrived
Russian 9P157-2 Khrizantema-S Anti-tank SystemPKTM09551Russian 9P157-2 Khrizantema-S Anti-tank System1:35Arrived
Russian Armoured Mine-Clearing Vehicle BMR-3PKTM09552Russian Armoured Mine-Clearing Vehicle BMR-31:35Arrived
Russian BREM-1 Armoured Recovery VehiclePKTM09553Russian BREM-1 Armoured Recovery Vehicle1:35Arrived
Russian BREM-1M Armoured Recovery VehiclePKTM09554Russian BREM-1M Armoured Recovery Vehicle1:35Arrived
Russian T-72B1 MBT w/Kontakt 1 Reactive ArmourPKTM09555Russian T-72B1 MBT w/Kontakt 1 Reactive Armour1:35Arrived
Russian BMD-3 Airborne Fighting VehiclePKTM09556Russian BMD-3 Airborne Fighting Vehicle1:35Arrived
Russian BMD-4 Airborne Fighting VehiclePKTM09557Russian BMD-4 Airborne Fighting Vehicle1:35Arrived
2S23 Self-propelled HowitzerPKTM095592S23 Self-propelled Howitzer1:35Arrived
Russian TOS-1 Multiple Rocket Launcher Mod 1989PKTM09560Russian TOS-1 Multiple Rocket Launcher Mod 19891:35Arrived
Russian T-72B3 MBT Mod 2016PKTM09561Russian T-72B3 MBT Mod 20161:35Arrived
Russian 2S34 Hosta Self-propelled/MortarPKTM09562Russian 2S34 Hosta Self-propelled/Mortar1:35Arrived
Russian KV-9 Heavy TankPKTM09563Russian KV-9 Heavy Tank1:35Arrived
Russian Obj 199 BMPT Ramka w/ATGM launcher ATAKAPKTM09565Russian Obj 199 BMPT Ramka w/ATGM launcher ATAKA1:35Arrived
Soviet JS-5 Heavy TankPKTM09566Soviet JS-5 Heavy Tank1:35Arrived
GT-MU Light Armoured Multi-purpose Transport VehiclePKTM09568GT-MU Light Armoured Multi-purpose Transport Vehicle1:35Arrived

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