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TRUMPETER is one of the world's leading brands of plastic model kits, regularly winning awards at the prestigious Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany. Often pushing the boundaries, the range features many exciting choices of subject matter, with some in a bigger scale to include even more incredible detail.

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 Item No.ProductETAPriceEra
PKTM09560PKTM09560Russian TOS-1 Multiple Rocket Launcher Mod 1989Arrived
PKTM09561PKTM09561Russian T-72B3 MBT Mod 2016Arrived
PKTM09562PKTM09562Russian 2S34 Hosta Self-propelled/MortarArrived
PKTM09563PKTM09563Russian KV-9 Heavy TankArrived
PKTM09565PKTM09565Russian Obj 199 BMPT Ramka w/ATGM launcher ATAKAArrived
PKTM09566PKTM09566Soviet JS-5 Heavy TankArrived
PKTM09568PKTM09568GT-MU Light Armoured Multi-purpose Transport VehicleArrived
P-40/1S12 Long Track S-Band Acquisition RadarPKTM09569P-40/1S12 Long Track S-Band Acquisition RadarAwaiting
PKTM09570PKTM09570Soviet Su-102 SPAArrived
PKTM09571PKTM09571Russian 1S91 SURN KUB RadarArrived
PKTM09572PKTM09572BMP-1 Basurmanin IFVArrived
pktm09573PKTM09573Soviet BTR-152B1 APCArrived
Schwerer Zugkraftwagen 18t SdKfz 9 Artillery VersionPKTM09575Schwerer Zugkraftwagen 18t SdKfz 9 Artillery VersionAwaiting
Schwerer Zugkraftwagen 18t SdKfz 9/1 w/ 6t Bilstein CranePKTM09576Schwerer Zugkraftwagen 18t SdKfz 9/1 w/ 6t Bilstein CraneAwaiting
Schwerer Zugkraftwagen 18t w/ 8.8cm FlaKPKTM09577Schwerer Zugkraftwagen 18t w/ 8.8cm FlaKAwaiting
PKTM09578PKTM09578Russian T-80UK MBTArrived
PKTM09579PKTM09579Russian T-80UE-1 MBTArrived
pktm09583PKTM09583Object 292Arrived
PKTM09584 Soviet SMK Heavy TankPKTM09584Soviet SMK Heavy TankOct/Nov
PKTM09587 Russian T-80BVM MBTPKTM09587Russian T-80BVM MBTOct/Nov
PKTM09597 KV-1 1942 Simplified Turret w/ Tank CrewPKTM09597KV-1 1942 Simplified Turret w/ Tank CrewOct/Nov

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KEY: DS or SF suffix = DCC Sound Factory Fitted | DC suffix = DCC Decoder Factory Fitted | [W] suffix = Weathered finish | [PF] suffix = Passenger Figures Fitted | [L] suffix = Supplied with a Wagon Load

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