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TRUMPETER is one of the world's leading brands of plastic model kits, regularly winning awards at the prestigious Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany. Often pushing the boundaries, the range features many exciting choices of subject matter, with some in a bigger scale to include even more incredible detail.

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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
Soviet T-10A Heavy TankPKTM05547Soviet T-10A Heavy Tank1:35Arrived
Russian Obj 199 Ramka BMPTPKTM05548Russian Obj 199 Ramka BMPT1:35Arrived
T-90MS Tagil Main Battle TankPKTM05549T-90MS Tagil Main Battle Tank1:35Arrived
Waffentrager PaK43 8.8cm Self Propelled GunPKTM05550Waffentrager PaK43 8.8cm Self Propelled Gun1:35Arrived
KV-5 Super Heavy TankPKTM05552KV-5 Super Heavy Tank1:35Arrived
KV-220 'Russian Tiger' Super Heavy TankPKTM05553KV-220 'Russian Tiger' Super Heavy Tank1:35Arrived
Russian 9K35 Strela-10 "SA-13 Gopher"PKTM05554Russian 9K35 Strela-10 "SA-13 Gopher"1:35Arrived
BMP-1 IFVPKTM05555BMP-1 IFV1:35Arrived
PLA Type 86A IFVPKTM05557PLA Type 86A IFV1:35Arrived
PLA Type ZBD-86B IFVPKTM05558PLA Type ZBD-86B IFV1:35Awaiting
Russian ZSU-57-2 SPAAGPKTM05559Russian ZSU-57-2 SPAAG1:35Arrived
T-90 Russian MBT Cast TurretPKTM05560T-90 Russian MBT Cast Turret1:35Arrived
Indian T-90S MBTPKTM05561Indian T-90S MBT1:35Awaiting
T-90A Russian MBT Welded TurretPKTM05562T-90A Russian MBT Welded Turret1:35Arrived
T-90SA Algerian Army MBTPKTM05563T-90SA Algerian Army MBT1:35Awaiting
T-72B Mod 1989 MBT Cast TurretPKTM05564T-72B Mod 1989 MBT Cast Turret1:35Arrived
T-80B Russian MBTPKTM05565T-80B Russian MBT1:35Arrived
T-80BV Russian MBTPKTM05566T-80BV Russian MBT1:35Arrived
2S3 152mm Soviet Self-propelled Howitzer LatePKTM055672S3 152mm Soviet Self-propelled Howitzer Late1:35Awaiting
Su-152 (Late)PKTM05568Su-152 (Late)1:35Arrived
JGSDF Type 96 WAPC 'B'PKTM05569JGSDF Type 96 WAPC 'B'1:35Arrived
2S1 Russian Self-propelled HowitzerPKTM055712S1 Russian Self-propelled Howitzer1:35Arrived
JGSDF Type 73 Light Truck Improved VersionPKTM05572JGSDF Type 73 Light Truck Improved Version1:35Awaiting
JS-4 Soviet Heavy TankPKTM05573JS-4 Soviet Heavy Tank1:35Awaiting

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KEY: DS or SF suffix = DCC Sound Factory Fitted | DC suffix = DCC Decoder Factory Fitted | [W] suffix = Weathered finish | [PF] suffix = Passenger Figures Fitted | [L] suffix = Supplied with a Wagon Load

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