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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
HMS Valiant 1939PKTM05796HMS Valiant 19391:700Arrived
HMS Queen Elizabeth 1918PKTM05797HMS Queen Elizabeth 19181:700Arrived
HMS Barham Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship 1941PKTM05798HMS Barham Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship 19411:700Arrived
HMS Malaya 1943PKTM05799HMS Malaya 19431:700Arrived
Chinese 33 SubmarinePKTM05901Chinese 33 Submarine1:144Arrived
Chinese 033G SubmarinePKTM05902Chinese 033G Submarine1:144Arrived
Russian Kilo Class SubmarinePKTM05903Russian Kilo Class Submarine1:144Arrived
USS Sea Wolf SSN-21 Attack SubmarinePKTM05904USS Sea Wolf SSN-21 Attack Submarine1:144Arrived
USS Gato SS-212 1941PKTM05905USS Gato SS-212 19411:144Arrived
USS Gato SS-212 1944PKTM05906USS Gato SS-212 19441:144Arrived
Type XXIII U-Boat Project typePKTM05907Type XXIII U-Boat Project type1:144Arrived
Type XXIII U-BoatPKTM05908Type XXIII U-Boat1:144Arrived
HMS AstutePKTM05909HMS Astute1:144Arrived
PLAN Type 092 Xia Class SSBNPKTM05910PLAN Type 092 Xia Class SSBN1:144Arrived
Japanese Soryu Class Attack SubmarinePKTM05911Japanese Soryu Class Attack Submarine1:144Arrived
DKM Navy Type VII-C U-BoatPKTM05912DKM Navy Type VII-C U-Boat1:144
HMS Dreadnought 1907PKTM06704HMS Dreadnought 19071:700Arrived
HMS Dreadnought 1915PKTM06705HMS Dreadnought 19151:700Arrived
HMS Dreadnought 1918PKTM06706HMS Dreadnought 19181:700Arrived
USS Yorktown CV-5PKTM06707USS Yorktown CV-51:700Arrived
USS Enterprise CV-6PKTM06708USS Enterprise CV-61:700Arrived
German Navy Aircraft Carrier DKM Graf ZeppelinPKTM06709German Navy Aircraft Carrier DKM Graf Zeppelin1:700Arrived
German Navy Aircraft Carrier DKM Peter StrasserPKTM06710German Navy Aircraft Carrier DKM Peter Strasser1:700Arrived
USS New York BB-34PKTM06711USS New York BB-341:700Arrived
USS Texas BB-35PKTM06712USS Texas BB-351:700Arrived

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