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1:35 Scale

1:35 Scale

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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
BMP-2D Russian IFVPKTM05585BMP-2D Russian IFV1:35Awaiting
JS-7 Soviet Super Heavy TankPKTM05586JS-7 Soviet Super Heavy Tank1:35Arrived
Soviet JS-1 Heavy TankPKTM05587Soviet JS-1 Heavy Tank1:35Arrived
JS-2 Soviet Heavy TankPKTM05588JS-2 Soviet Heavy Tank1:35Arrived
JS-2M Heavy Tank EarlyPKTM05589JS-2M Heavy Tank Early1:35Arrived
Soviet JS-2M Heavy Tank LatePKTM05590Soviet JS-2M Heavy Tank Late1:35Arrived
JSU-152K Soviet Armoured Self-propelled GunPKTM05591JSU-152K Soviet Armoured Self-propelled Gun1:35Arrived
2S7M Self-Propelled GunPKTM055922S7M Self-Propelled Gun1:35Awaiting
2S7 Self-propelled GunPKTM055932S7 Self-propelled Gun1:35Arrived
GAZ-39371 'Vodnik' Russian High Mobility MPVPKTM05594GAZ-39371 'Vodnik' Russian High Mobility MPV1:35Arrived
T-72M4CZ Czech MBTPKTM05595T-72M4CZ Czech MBT1:35Awaiting
Russian SA-8 GECKOPKTM05597Russian SA-8 GECKO1:35Arrived
Russian T-72B Mod 1985 MBTPKTM05598Russian T-72B Mod 1985 MBT1:35Arrived
T-72B/B1 Russian MBT w/Kontakt 1 Reactive ArmourPKTM05599T-72B/B1 Russian MBT w/Kontakt 1 Reactive Armour1:35Arrived
AT-T Artillery Prime MoverPKTM09501AT-T Artillery Prime Mover1:35Arrived
BTM-3 High-speed Trench Digging VehiclePKTM09502BTM-3 High-speed Trench Digging Vehicle1:35Arrived
KV-7 Mod 1941PKTM09503KV-7 Mod 19411:35Arrived
Soviet KV-7 (Object 227)PKTM09504Soviet KV-7 (Object 227)1:35Arrived
Su-100 SPA Self-propelled ArtilleryPKTM09505Su-100 SPA Self-propelled Artillery1:35Arrived
Kazakhstan Army BMPTPKTM09506Kazakhstan Army BMPT1:35Arrived
Russian T-72B2 MBTPKTM09507Russian T-72B2 MBT1:35Arrived
Russian T-72B3 MBTPKTM09508Russian T-72B3 MBT1:35Arrived
Soviet AT-P Artillery tractorPKTM09509Soviet AT-P Artillery tractor1:35Arrived
Russian T-72B3M MBTPKTM09510Russian T-72B3M MBT1:35Arrived

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