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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
2cm FlaK 38 Flash Suppressor (2 pcs)PKAG350292cm FlaK 38 Flash Suppressor (2 pcs)1:35Arrived
US 105mm Howitzer Brass Ammo SetPKAG35030US 105mm Howitzer Brass Ammo Set1:35Arrived
US 3' Brass Ammo SetPKAG35031US 3' Brass Ammo Set1:35Arrived
US 76mm Brass Ammo SetPKAG35032US 76mm Brass Ammo Set1:35Awaiting
US 75mm Brass Ammo SetPKAG35033US 75mm Brass Ammo Set1:35Awaiting
SdKfz 231/232 Brass Barrel & Clearance Indicator PolePKAG35035SdKfz 231/232 Brass Barrel & Clearance Indicator Pole1:35Awaiting
Russian 76.2mm Brass Ammo SetPKAG35036Russian 76.2mm Brass Ammo Set1:35Arrived
NATO 155mm Howitzer Brass Ammo SetPKAG35039NATO 155mm Howitzer Brass Ammo Set1:35Arrived
Bofors 40mm Brass Ammo SetPKAG35040Bofors 40mm Brass Ammo Set1:35Arrived
British Army 2-pdr Brass Ammo SetPKAG35041British Army 2-pdr Brass Ammo Set1:35Arrived
M2HB .50 Cal Machine Gun Conversion KitPKAG35042M2HB .50 Cal Machine Gun Conversion Kit1:35Arrived
Camouflage Screening Support SystemPKAG35044Camouflage Screening Support System1:35Awaiting
M551/M60A2/MBT-70 15mm Tank AmmunitionPKAG35048M551/M60A2/MBT-70 15mm Tank Ammunition1:35Awaiting
German 120mm AmmunitionPKAG35049German 120mm Ammunition1:35Awaiting
Photo-etched Conversion Kit for US Navy Type 2 LST-1 Class LPKAG35050Photo-etched Conversion Kit for US Navy Type 2 LST-1 Class L1:350Arrived
LCT 501-Class Detail-up Set (for PKSE73518)PKAG35052LCT 501-Class Detail-up Set (for PKSE73518)1:350Arrived
Ru 85mm Gun Ammo Set (Brass)PKAG35085Ru 85mm Gun Ammo Set (Brass)1:35Arrived
AFV Modelling Manual Vol. 1PKAMMV1AFV Modelling Manual Vol. 1MiscArrived
SH-3A Sea King (x2)PKAR14405SH-3A Sea King (x2)1:144Arrived
F4U-1/1A/1C/1D (x2)PKAR14406F4U-1/1A/1C/1D (x2)1:144Arrived
Vought F4U Corsair Folding Wing Position (x2)PKAR14408Vought F4U Corsair Folding Wing Position (x2)1:144Arrived
P-40B/C Flying Tigers Hawk 81A-2PKAR144S01P-40B/C Flying Tigers Hawk 81A-21:144Arrived
P-40N CACW 14th Air ForcePKAR144S02P-40N CACW 14th Air Force1:144Arrived
P-40M USAAFPKAR144S03P-40M USAAF1:144Arrived
P-40E USAAFPKAR144S04P-40E USAAF1:144Arrived

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