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 Item No.ProductETAPriceEra
PKAF35291 M113A1 LRV in Vietnam WarPKAF35291M113A1 LRV in Vietnam WarAwaiting
PKAF35293PKAF35293IDF M109A2 Doher 1993 w/ free figureArrived
PKAF35294PKAF35294FV107 Scimitar Workable Track (Late)Arrived
PKAF35300PKAF35300M54 5ton 6x6 Cargo Truck (Late)Arrived
pkaf35303PKAF35303British Army Centurion Mk 3 (Korean War)Arrived
PKAF35304PKAF35304M109A3 Shop VanArrived
PKAF35308 Centurion Mk 1PKAF35308Centurion Mk 1Arrived
pkaf35309PKAF35309IDF M60A1 Magach 6BArrived
PKAF35311 M113A1 Nagmash (APC) 1973PKAF35311M113A1 Nagmash (APC) 1973Arrived
PKAF35319 M1296 Stryker Dragoon Infantry Fighting VehiclePKAF35319M1296 Stryker Dragoon Infantry Fighting VehicleArrived
pkaf35320PKAF35320ROC TIFV CM-32/33 Clouded Leopard Armoured VehicleAwaiting
pkaf35321PKAF35321WWII M1 8inch Howitzer M2 LimberArrived
pkaf35323PKAF35323King Cobra Gun Truck (M54 + M113)Arrived
PKAF35324 Churchill Tank Mk 7PKAF35324Churchill Tank Mk 7Awaiting
PKAF35347PKAF35347Husky Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector Mk IIIArrived
PKAF35s02PKAF35S02CVR(T) FV101 ScorpionArrived
PKAF35s15PKAF35S15WC51 ¾ton Weapons CarrierArrived
PKAF35s16PKAF35S16WC57 Command CarArrived
PKAF35s17PKAF35S17M38A1 ¼ ton 4x4 Utility TruckArrived
PKAF35s18PKAF35S18WC63 1½ ton 6x6 Personnel CarrierArrived
PKAF35s19PKAF35S19M38A1C w/ Recoilless RifleArrived
PKAF35s22PKAF35S22M113 TrackArrived
PKAF35s23PKAF35S23M109 TrackArrived
PKAF35s25PKAF35S25Tiger I (Transport mode)Arrived
PKAF35s33PKAF35S33M88A1G Recovery TankArrived

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