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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
T85E1 Workable Track for U.S. M24 Light TankPKAF35287T85E1 Workable Track for U.S. M24 Light Tank1:35Arrived
Churchill Mk IV AVRE w/Fascine Carrier FramePKAF35288Churchill Mk IV AVRE w/Fascine Carrier Frame1:35Awaiting
FV101 Scorpion Workable Track (Early)PKAF35290FV101 Scorpion Workable Track (Early)1:35Arrived
M113A1 LRV in Vietnam WarPKAF35291M113A1 LRV in Vietnam War1:35Awaiting
IDF M109A2 Doher 1993PKAF35293IDF M109A2 Doher 19931:35Awaiting
FV107 Scimitar Workable Track (Late)PKAF35294FV107 Scimitar Workable Track (Late)1:35Arrived
M1A1 155mm Long Tom Cannon (WW2 version)PKAF35295M1A1 155mm Long Tom Cannon (WW2 version)Awaiting
M54 5ton 6x6 Cargo Truck (Late)PKAF35300M54 5ton 6x6 Cargo Truck (Late)1:35Awaiting
US Army Workbench & Tool SetPKAF35302US Army Workbench & Tool Set1:35Awaiting
British Army Centurion Mk 3 (Korean War)PKAF35303British Army Centurion Mk 3 (Korean War)1:35Awaiting
M109A3 Shop VanPKAF35304M109A3 Shop Van1:35Arrived
Centurion Mk 1PKAF35308Centurion Mk 11:35Awaiting
IDF M60A1 Magach 6BPKAF35309IDF M60A1 Magach 6B1:35Arrived
M113A1 Nagmash (APC) 1973PKAF35311M113A1 Nagmash (APC) 19731:35Arrived
M1296 Stryker Dragoon Infantry Fighting VehiclePKAF35319M1296 Stryker Dragoon Infantry Fighting Vehicle1:35Arrived
ROC TIFV CM-32/33 Clouded Leopard Armoured VehiclePKAF35320ROC TIFV CM-32/33 Clouded Leopard Armoured Vehicle1:35Awaiting
WWII M1 8inch Howitzer M2 LimberPKAF35321WWII M1 8inch Howitzer M2 Limber1:35Awaiting
King Cobra Gun Truck (M54 + M113)PKAF35323King Cobra Gun Truck (M54 + M113)1:35Awaiting
Churchill Tank Mk VIIPKAF35324Churchill Tank Mk VII1:35Awaiting
M109 155mm/L23 HowitzerPKAF35329M109 155mm/L23 Howitzer1:35Awaiting
M109G 155mm/L23 German Self-propelled HowitzerPKAF35330M109G 155mm/L23 German Self-propelled Howitzer1:35Awaiting
Husky Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector Mk IIIPKAF35347Husky Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector Mk III1:35Awaiting
FV4005 Stage II (Centaur)PKAF35405FV4005 Stage II (Centaur)1:35Awaiting
CVR(T) FV101 ScorpionPKAF35S02CVR(T) FV101 Scorpion1:35Awaiting
WC51 ¾ton Weapons CarrierPKAF35S15WC51 ¾ton Weapons Carrier1:35Arrived

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