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W. Britain
W.Britain: steeped in history, revered for quality

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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
Buckingham Palace Scenic BackdropB51043Buckingham Palace Scenic BackdropMiscAwaiting
WWII British Infantry Set №1B52008WWII British Infantry Set №11:32Awaiting
WWII Japanese Infantry Set №1B52011WWII Japanese Infantry Set №11:32Arrived
American Civil War Berdans Sharpshooters & Union FlagbearerB52015American Civil War Berdans Sharpshooters & Union Flagbearer1:32Awaiting
RMS Titanic Lifeboat № 6 - Commemorative 20 Piece SetB62001RMS Titanic Lifeboat № 6 - Commemorative 20 Piece Set1:30Arrived
RMS Titanic Lifeboat № 6 - 12 Piece SetB62003RMS Titanic Lifeboat № 6 - 12 Piece Set1:30Arrived
B62100B62100Viking wearing Spangenhelm, attacking with axe1:30Arrived
B62101B62101Viking wearing Spangenhelm, Defending1:30Arrived
B62102B62102Viking wearing Chain Mail Shirt, Attacking with Sword1:30Awaiting
B62103B62103Viking wearing Gjermundbu Helmet, Swinging Sword
B62104B62104Viking Shield Wall Defender №11:30Arrived
B62105B62105Viking Shield Wall Defender №21:30Arrived
B62106B62106Viking Shield Wall Defender №31:30Arrived
B62107B62107Viking Shield Wall Defender №41:30Arrived
B62108B62108Saxon Warrior Defending №11:30Arrived
B62109B62109Saxon Warrior Shield Wall Defender №11:30Arrived
B62110B62110Saxon Warrior Shield Wall Defender №21:30Arrived
B62111B62111Saxon Shield Wall Defender No. 3 (Alwin)1:30Arrived
B62112B62112Saxon Shield Wall Defender No. 4 (Daegal)1:30Arrived
B62113B62113Saxon Throwing Spear No. 1 (Eldwyn)1:30Arrived
B62114B62114Saxon Dead No.1 (Morton)1:30Arrived
B62115B62115"The Contest Decided" Viking & Saxon Set No.1 2 Pc LE 3501:30Arrived
B62116B62116Saxon Warrior Running with spear No.1 (Osgar)1:30Arrived
B62117B62117Saxon/Viking Warrior with Axe (Carl)1:30Arrived
B62118B62118Saxon Casualty Falling No.1 (Leofric)1:30Arrived

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