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WWII 1939-45

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B25012B25012U.S. 101st Airborne Paratrooper Firing Thompson SMG №1
B25013B25013U.S. 101st Airborne Paratrooper Standing Firing №1Arrived
B25017B25017The Dambusters' 70th Anniversary Set, 1943 Ltd. Ed. 750Arrived
B25018B25018RAF Commemorative Set - WAAF with Bicycle, 1943Arrived
B25019B25019RAF Fighter Pilot 1943 with Faithful CompanionArrived
Sir Barnes WallisB25020Sir Barnes WallisArrived
B25021B25021RAF Military PolicemanArrived
B25022B25022Air Marshall Sir Arthur "Bomber" HarrisArrived
B25023B25023Prime Minister Winston Churchill №1Arrived
B25024B25024RAF Ground Crewman on Bicycle - 2 Piece SetArrived
B25025B25025"I'll Be Seeing You" - 2 Piece SetArrived
B25026B25026RAF Lewis Gun Emplacement - 5 Piece Set Ltd. Ed. 400Arrived
B25027B25027RAF Pilot with Model Spitfire and Child - 2 Piece SetArrived
B25028B25028USAAF Bomber Pilot Standing with CigaretteArrived
B25029B25029"Got A Light?" Pilots Lighting Cigarette - 2 Piece SetArrived
B25030B25030U.S. Military Policeman USAAF, England, 1942-45Arrived
B25031B25031U.S. Airborne Infantry in Overcoat, Winter 1944-45 №1Arrived
B25032B25032U.S. Airborne Infantry in M-43 Jacket, Winter 1944-45 №1Arrived
B25033B25033U.S. Military Policeman with Warning Sign, Winter 1944-45Arrived
B25034B25034"Keep Your Hands Up Kid" - 2 Piece SetArrived
B25036B25036German Hitler Youth pushing Bicycle №1Arrived
B25037B25037German Volkgrenadier pushing Bicycle №1Arrived
B25038B25038German Fallschirmjager with MP-40 №1Awaiting
B25039B25039German Fallschirmjager with K-98 №1Arrived
B25040B25040U.S. 101st Airborne Infantry Reaching, Winter 1944-45Arrived

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