Dirty Shirt Blue 1860s to 1890s
Westward Ho!... Go West, Young Man... Gold!! All cries and slogans propelling Americans westward in ever greater numbers after the tumult of the Civil War. Whether seeking adventure, sudden riches, or just a new peaceful existence, the folks heading west could find them all. But where people go, so goes conflict - and it was found with other nations, native tribes and each other. In this period there are countless stories to tell, and they early on inspired great artists and novelists as well as radio, movies, and television in later years. W. Britain have been inspired by this history and seek to tell stories in miniature of the post Civil War American West. Right after the Civil War, much of the equipment in the now reduced U.S. Army would be familiar as they continued to use the massive stores of uniforms and arms. But we'll see the transformation of equipment and tactics as necessity caused invention and European styles became popular.

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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
Dismounted 9th Cavalry Trooper No.1B32000Dismounted 9th Cavalry Trooper No.11:30Arrived
U.S. Infantry on Campaign, 1880's No.1B32001U.S. Infantry on Campaign, 1880's No.11:30Arrived
U.S. Army Apache Scout, 1880'sB32002U.S. Army Apache Scout, 1880's1:30Arrived
Captain Myles Keogh, 7th Cavalry, 1876B32003Captain Myles Keogh, 7th Cavalry, 18761:30Arrived
Curly, 7th Cavalry ScoutB32005Curly, 7th Cavalry Scout1:30Arrived

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