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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione Martini Racing LHDMGT00300-LLancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione Martini Racing LHD1:64
Land Rover Defender 110 Mobile Brigade Corps IndonesiaMGT00522-RLand Rover Defender 110 Mobile Brigade Corps Indonesia1:64
Mclaren F1 Magnesium Silver (Lhd)MGT00555-LMclaren F1 Magnesium Silver (Lhd)1:64
Range Rover 1982 Camel Trophy Papua New Guinea SetMGTS0006Range Rover 1982 Camel Trophy Papua New Guinea Set1:64
Sopwith Camel F.1PKAY12109Sopwith Camel F.11:32Arrived
MH-60S US Navy HSC-9 'Tridents'PKAY12120MH-60S US Navy HSC-9 'Tridents'1:35Arrived
AH-64A ANG 'South Carolina'PKAY12129AH-64A ANG 'South Carolina'1:35Arrived
Mirage IIICPKAY12247Mirage IIIC1:48Arrived
Hughes 500D Tow HelicopterPKAY12250Hughes 500D Tow Helicopter1:48Arrived
F-16A/C Fighting FalconPKAY12259F-16A/C Fighting Falcon1:48Arrived
MiG-29A FulcrumPKAY12263MiG-29A Fulcrum1:48Arrived
P-40C TomahawkPKAY12280P-40C Tomahawk1:48Arrived
Phantom F-4B/N VMFA-531 ''Gray Ghosts''PKAY12315Phantom F-4B/N VMFA-531 ''Gray Ghosts''1:48Arrived
USN F-4J VF-102 DiamondbacksPKAY12323USN F-4J VF-102 Diamondbacks1:48Arrived
RAF B-25C/D "European Theatre"PKAY12339RAF B-25C/D "European Theatre"1:48Arrived
USN SB2U-3 "Battle of Midway"PKAY12350USN SB2U-3 "Battle of Midway"1:48Arrived
USN T-34B Mentor "VT-5 Training Air Wing"PKAY12361USN T-34B Mentor "VT-5 Training Air Wing"1:48Arrived
P-51C MustangPKAY12441P-51C Mustang1:72Arrived
Me Bf 109G-14PKAY12454Me Bf 109G-141:72Arrived
Curtiss P-40B TomahawkPKAY12456Curtiss P-40B Tomahawk1:72Arrived
F4U-1 CorsairPKAY12457F4U-1 Corsair1:72Arrived
P-40E WarhawkPKAY12468P-40E Warhawk1:72Arrived
F-14A TomcatPKAY12471F-14A Tomcat1:72Arrived
F-15C EaglePKAY12476F-15C Eagle1:72Arrived
F-15E Strike EaglePKAY12478F-15E Strike Eagle1:72Arrived
F6F-3/5 HellcatPKAY12481F6F-3/5 Hellcat1:72Arrived
Spitfire Mk XIVcPKAY12484Spitfire Mk XIVc1:72Arrived
F/A-18+ US Navy Hornet VMFA-232 'Red Devils'PKAY12520F/A-18+ US Navy Hornet VMFA-232 'Red Devils'1:72Arrived
B-29A "Enola Gay" & "Bockscar"PKAY12528B-29A "Enola Gay" & "Bockscar"1:72Arrived
F-4J Phantom US Navy 'VF-84 Jolly Rogers'PKAY12529F-4J Phantom US Navy 'VF-84 Jolly Rogers'1:72Arrived
USMC F-4J "VMFA-232 Red Devils"PKAY12556USMC F-4J "VMFA-232 Red Devils"1:72Arrived
USN PBY-5A "Battle of Midway"PKAY12573USN PBY-5A "Battle of Midway"1:72Arrived
USAF F-104C Starfighter "Vietnam War"PKAY12576USAF F-104C Starfighter "Vietnam War"1:72Arrived
USAF F-15C ANG "75th Anniversary Medal of Honor" 2019PKAY12582USAF F-15C ANG "75th Anniversary Medal of Honor" 20191:72Arrived
F-4E Phantom IIPKAY12605F-4E Phantom II1:144Arrived
Sepecat JaguarPKAY12606Sepecat Jaguar1:144Arrived
Panavia TornadoPKAY12607Panavia Tornado1:144Arrived
C-130J-30 Super Hercules, 1999-presentPKAY12631C-130J-30 Super Hercules, 1999-present1:144Arrived
Space Shuttle & BoosterPKAY12707Space Shuttle & Booster1:288Arrived
Space Shuttle & 747PKAY12708Space Shuttle & 7471:288Arrived
M7 PriestPKAY13210M7 Priest1:35Arrived
Panzer IV H w/armourPKAY13233Panzer IV H w/armour1:35Arrived
Panzer IV HPKAY13234Panzer IV H1:35Arrived
Sturmgeschutz IVPKAY13235Sturmgeschutz IV1:35Arrived
M996 HummerPKAY13250M996 Hummer1:35Arrived
T-34/85 '112 Factory Production'PKAY13290T-34/85 '112 Factory Production'1:35Arrived
WWII German Fuel Truck and SchwimwagenPKAY13401WWII German Fuel Truck and Schwimwagen1:72Arrived
WWII German Cargo TruckPKAY13404WWII German Cargo Truck1:72Arrived
M1151 Enhanced Armament CarrierPKAY13415M1151 Enhanced Armament Carrier1:35Arrived

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