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April 2022

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 Item No.ProductEraScale/GaugeETAPrice
USS England DE635PKTM05305USS England DE6351:350Arrived
SS John W Brown D-Day Liberty ShipPKTM05308SS John W Brown D-Day Liberty Ship1:350Arrived
Richelieu French BattleshipPKTM05311Richelieu French Battleship1:350Arrived
Admiral Hipper German Cruiser 1941PKTM05317Admiral Hipper German Cruiser 19411:350Arrived
RN Roma Italian Navy BattleshipPKTM05318RN Roma Italian Navy Battleship1:350Arrived
HMS Queen Elizabeth 1943PKTM05324HMS Queen Elizabeth 19431:350Arrived
HMCS Huron (G24) Tribal Class Destroyer 1944PKTM05333HMCS Huron (G24) Tribal Class Destroyer 19441:350Arrived
USS Texas BB-35PKTM05340USS Texas BB-351:350Arrived
HMS ExeterPKTM05350HMS Exeter1:350Arrived
HMS YorkPKTM05351HMS York1:350Arrived
HMS Colombo C-class Light CruiserPKTM05363HMS Colombo C-class Light Cruiser1:350Arrived
USS Sangamon CVE-26PKTM05369USS Sangamon CVE-261:350Arrived
USS Hornet CV-8PKTM05601USS Hornet CV-81:350Arrived
USS Essex CV-9PKTM05602USS Essex CV-91:350Arrived
USS Yorktown CV-10 (1944)PKTM05603USS Yorktown CV-10 (1944)1:350Arrived
USS Saratoga CV-3PKTM05607USS Saratoga CV-31:350Arrived
USS Ticonderoga CV-14 Aircraft CarrierPKTM05609USS Ticonderoga CV-14 Aircraft Carrier1:350Arrived
USS Wasp LHD-1PKTM05611USS Wasp LHD-11:350Arrived
USS Intrepid CV-11 (ex-Gallery)PKTM05618USS Intrepid CV-11 (ex-Gallery)1:350Arrived
USS Constellation CV-64PKTM05620USS Constellation CV-641:350Arrived
German Navy Aircraft Carrier DKM Graf ZeppelinPKTM05627German Navy Aircraft Carrier DKM Graf Zeppelin1:350Arrived
Aircraft Carrier WeserPKTM05633Aircraft Carrier WeserArrived
USS Lexington CV-2 1942PKTM05716USS Lexington CV-2 19421:700Arrived
USS South Dakota BB-57PKTM05760USS South Dakota BB-571:700Arrived
USS Massachusetts BB-59PKTM05761USS Massachusetts BB-591:700Arrived

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